8 Breath-Taking Images That Capture Life In India

8 Breath-Taking Images That Capture Life In India

We all are aware of India’s diverse culture. But somewhere we miss seeing them. We bring to you some jaw-dropping images and captions that beautifully capture life in India.

Holi – the festival of colours is a spring festival celebrated in India. The festival signifies the end of winter and the beginning of harvesting for farmers. This picture depicts the festival of colours in a city in Rajasthan.

If you thought Bull Race was only popular in Spain, then you’re wrong. In the Indian state of Kerala, Bull Race is very common as a post-harvest celebration. Photographer Wei Seng Chen captures this beautiful moment from a Bull Race.

An Indian man sleeps at the closed entrance of a temple in Delhi. Credit: Chandan Khanna

It was a rainy day in Mumbai and many were possibly figuring their way home. Some were stuck at work, some helping people on the roads and some at home praying for the safety of their loved ones. Nirvair Singh Rai captures this image and captions it – ‘Flying, floating or sinking: the average Mumbaikar’s choices.’

If you thought hair colour was popular in western parts of the world, then you may want to think twice. This Sadhu has coloured his hair with ‘Mehendi’ and since he’s got white hair, his hair and beard are a shade of saffron. Photo Credit: Steve McCurry

A girl prepares a coal fire to process cooking coal n Jharia. Jharia in India’s eastern Jharkhand state is literally in flames. This is due to the open cast coal mining that takes place in the area. For more than 90 years, the Jharian coal mines have been alight with coal mining villages of around seven hundred thousand people settling in. Credit: Ravi Choudhary

Simply capturing life in Mumbai perhaps. Harshad Rajadhyaksha captions this picture – ‘losing is not an option in the game of breadwinning.’

Dyed, Designed and Dried! Dyeing is the process of adding colour to textile products like fibres, yarns and fabrics. In India, this process can be done at home and one can even add designs to them. This picture shows some designs that are drying in the backyard of a house.

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