10 Home Décor Furnishings You Need for A Perfect Summer Home

10 Home Décor Furnishings You Need for A Perfect Summer Home

Bring in a fresh breath of style to your decor journey this summer with a flair that enlivens every merriment imagination in you, of you and about you! These home decor mash-ups dazzles with oasis and prints that will make you revisit those gorgeous memory lanes that glint about popsicle colours, melons, beaches, fresh limes, tropics, deep oceans and much more. So, replenish your indoor collection with this special curation of 10 decor furnishing for your perfect summer home.

1.Nautical Summer decor – Hang up an anchor on a white wall in the living room or keep it at the entrance next to shoe rack to get those beach vibes.

2.Sea-inspired windchimes – The most beautiful feeling of the season is listening to the natural clanging sound of those sea-inspired windchimes.

3.Bamboo candles – Bring home the relaxation of a beach as you introduce these bamboo candles to your home decor this summer.

4.Rope lamp – While most of the summer home decor is for the living room, this rope lamp is perfect for your bedroom.

5.Sunroom pillows by India Circus – Grab me, hug me or cuddle me. This is the most comfortable thing you’ll be looking for this summer.


6.Light coloured Fabrics – Florals, pastels and light-coloured hues are all welcome for the hot season that’s almost here. Change your upholstery to light colours and delight yourself during the season.

7.Bright wallpapers by India Circus – Introduce a bright coloured wallpaper or paint to your living room.

8.Light linens in bedrooms – Blue and white are the most popular hues of the season

9.Flower votive displays – Add this pleasing display to your kitchen or as a centrepiece to your dining table.

10.Doormats and Bathmats by India Circus – Keep all those sandy shoes and floaters outside as you step in style with our range of doormats.

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