10 Tips For Purchasing Fancy Umbrella Online

10 Tips For Purchasing Fancy Umbrella Online

All set to welcome the monsoon, but worried about the umbrella shopping errands? Enjoy the monsoon without getting drenched. Get yourself a fancy umbrella online. Buying fancy umbrellas online in India is made easy with the availability of wide shopping options. Before buying a fancy umbrella online, we have to look into some key elements.

Here are 10 tips to Elevate the Shopping for Fancy Umbrellas Online

1. Check for Material and Durability

Check for material and durability

The umbrella material is the ultimate factor in checking the stability of the umbrella. Get an umbrella made from sturdy materials like fiberglass, stainless steel or aluminum

  • Fiberglass: The highest quality frames are made with fiberglass, which is known for being lightweight and durable. When shopping for a fancy umbrella online, always try to buy a fiberglass frame for long durability.
  • Wood frames: Wood frames are also used especially for fashion umbrellas. They are actually fiberglass, painted for extra durability. 
  • Steel: It is the most commonly used material, but it is heavier when compared to other materials.
  • Aluminum: Aluminium frames are lightweight. But it is advised to not go for aluminium frames, as it can bend and break easily. It also has low resistance to wind.

2. Umbrella Fabric

Just like the frame, the fabric of the umbrella also plays an important role in determining the quality of the umbrella. Have a better understanding of the umbrella fabric while shopping for fancy umbrellas online.  While checking for the fabric we should consider the following factors. The fabric chosen must be,

  • Waterproof: It comes with the density of the fabric, silicone sprays, and Teflon coating. The fabrics with water-repellent properties keep you dry. 
  • UV fabrics: UV fabrics refer to the sun protection. Most umbrella fabrics have UV protection, especially those that have elastic threads.

The fabric material chosen is commonly nylon, pongee, and polyester considering it’s water-resistant, flexible, and UV protection. Low-quality products like plastic can be avoided since it is prone to wrinkle.

3. Size and Coverage

Size and Coverage

The size of the canopy in an umbrella determines the coverage provided by it. The fancy umbrellas are generally 21 to 23 inches. The larger the canopy, the heavier the umbrella would be. The standard umbrellas usually range from 43 to 48 inches. The compact umbrellas typically range from 35 to 42 inches, which. is convenient for everyday usage.

4. Opening Mechanism of Umbrella

Umbrellas have both manual and automatic opening mechanisms. Understand the mechanism of umbrellas to enhance the usage of the product.

  • Manual umbrella: Manual umbrellas need the user to manually push or slide the button to open the canopy.
  • Semi-automatic umbrella: In semi-automatic the user manually pushes the button, then a spring loaded mechanism to complete the process. But it is not as convenient as the automatic umbrella.
  • Automatic umbrella: A fully automatic umbrella, it features a spring-loaded mechanism, which allows the user to push the button to open the canopy automatically.

5. Portability and Storage

Portability and storage

When buying fancy umbrellas online, one of the important tips to keep in consideration is the portability and storage. 

  • Look for an umbrella that is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry in your bag.
  • Search for an umbrella with a folding mechanism that allows them to compact into smaller sizes, for easy storage.

Compact Umbrellas from India Circus

6. Handle comfort

While purchasing a fancy umbrella online you often look for designs, fabric quality, and sturdiness. Have you ever looked at the handle? Handles are an integral part of the umbrella that decides the comfort of holding the umbrella. The shape and the material used decides the level of comfort.

  • Straight handle: The most traditional type, made with material like wood or plastic. Though it is a simple design, it may not provide the same level of comfort.
  • Curved Handle: Also known as the hooked handle it provides more comfort for long-time usage.
  • Tilt handle: Usually seen in large umbrellas, tilt handle allows the user to adjust the angle of the umbrella, providing extra comfort.
  • Foam Handle: The foam handle gives a cushioned grip to the handle, giving extra comfort to the user.

7. Design and Patterns

Design and patterns

In this modern era, Umbrella is also a style statement. It is an accessory that completes the outfit of the person. Umbrellas with unique designs and patterns are available. From geometric patterns to floral designs, it’s a fusion of style and versatility. Look for trendy designs that will grab people’s attention while walking in the crowd.

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8. Sustainability in Online Fancy Umbrella

Like any other products you shop online, the umbrellas also should be sustainable. Look for these parameters,

  • Material Quality: Look for materials that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and recycled fabrics.
  • Durability: Opt for an umbrella that lasts longer and doesn’t need time-to-time replacement.
  • Brand Value: look for umbrellas that are manufactured by  branded companies that are worth spending your money 

9. Innovation in Fancy Umbrellas

Innovation in fancy umbrellas

Who doesn’t love surprise elements? Look for umbrellas that are quite unusual with surprise elements.

  • Smart umbrellas with features like built-in LED lights, GPS tracking, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Aesthetic designs with bold color patterns.
  • Automatic open and close mechanism.
  • Umbrellas change color when in sunlight or when wet.

10. Compare Prices and Warranties

  • Quality over Price: We are often tempted to buy the cheapest option available. Consider the quality of the umbrella in relation to the price. The umbrella you spend money on should last longer.
  • Warranty coverage: Check for the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A long warranty period indicates confidence in the product’s quality and durability.


Considering these tips, shop fancy umbrellas online in India with confidence and ease. Analyzing all the factors right from the material quality to price, sustainability, and durability of the material, and mechanism of the umbrella,  take your own time and get yourself a fancy umbrella online and enjoy your day out!

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FAQs about 10 Tips for Purchasing Fancy Umbrella Online

What to know before buying a fancy umbrella online?

Make sure the umbrella you have chosen is water-repellent. It should be wind-resistant and the canopy shouldn’t get loose easily. Try to avoid aluminum frames, though it is lightweight it tends to bend quickly in heavy wind.

What are the three models of umbrellas?

Some common models of umbrellas are foldable umbrellas, solid stick umbrellas, and golf umbrellas. 

How does an umbrella mechanism work?

The working mechanism of an umbrella is quite simple. The stretchers are connected to the shaft of the umbrella with a plastic or metal runner which is what moves up and down the shaft of the umbrella when it’s opened or closed.

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