14 Things to Know about Unique Wallpaper for Walls Brought Online

14 Things to Know about Unique Wallpaper for Walls Brought Online

Are you an art enthusiast who wishes to revamp your living area or workspace? We have got you covered! Buying wallpaper for walls online with 100+ options is an actual task. Delving into the staggering collections at India Circus, we ease your job by providing a one-stop solution with all the designs that embrace Indian culture. 

Here are a few pointers that you should consider while purchasing

wallpaper for walls online

1. Choosing between Wallpaper and Painting your walls  

 Choosing between Wallpaper and Painting your walls  

Paint might sound easy and cost efficient when compared with wallpapers, but wallpapers give an effective transformation with some art transformations in it. So Before you purchase a design you need to first identify the type i.e., wallpaper or mural. The significant difference between a wallpaper and a mural is the type of print. A wallpaper is a design printed on a material that can be embossed on the surface of the wall. Murals are digital prints from high-quality photographs, these cannot be customized while wallpapers can be customized to create a new unique wallpaper for a good visual appearance. India Circus has a list of wallpaper designs that enhance the culture and traditional practices that have been followed for centuries.

2. Blending culture and design

Blending culture and design

The art of fusing culture and design creates environments that narrate history and celebrate diversity, it goes beyond simple aesthetics. Customizing culture and design to create a big wallpaper for the wall represents the cultural aspects, whether influenced by traditional art, architecture or to create a unique tapestry in this creative fusion. Incorporating traditions in your wallpaper are added benefits to your designs like in the design given below. 

3. Purpose of design

Purpose of design

When you pick up a certain piece of art it’s obvious to define the purpose of the design. For instance, when choosing wallpaper for the living room – consider the family member’s opinions and interests, Choose the design which captures and resonates with your memories. At India Circus, we provide a detailed description of the theme and style i.e., modern, traditional, or minimalist unique wallpaper that suits the environment. Go for choices of new unique wallpaper as given below to best resonate your style and personality.

4. Costing


The wallpaper design and price are two important factors when purchasing online. A thorough market research should be conducted before finalizing the product i.e., material cost, packaging and presentation, the intensity of the artwork, and the customization costs.

5. Set wallpaper dimension

Set wallpaper dimension

Once the design is chosen the wallpaper dimension should be measured concerning the wall size. This part is crucial while ordering big wallpaper for the wall and the steps involved – 

  • Calculate the wall’s length and width.
  • To find the square footage of each wall, multiply its width by its height.
  • To find the square footage of the room, add the total square footage of all the walls.
  • Take windows and doors out of your calculations.
  • Determine the number of wallpaper rolls you’ll require.
  • Purchase more wallpaper than the anticipated size to prevent running out of stock.
  • For more complicated patterns, calculate the pattern and the number of repeats.

6. Color accuracy

Color accuracy

Colors on screens can differ from real-life colors. To be sure it lives up to your expectations, look for a thorough color description or get a sample. Use the sample piece to check how the design fulfills the thoughts and ideas by setting the lights at home during the night and adjusting the curtains and screens in the daylight. 

7. Material Quality

Material Quality

Make sure you are aware of the wallpaper’s terms. The best-known materials used for making wallpapers are – Vinyl, paper, cloth, and non-woven materials are typical choices. 


Vinyl wallpapers are known for their extraordinary durability. Vinyl materials can resist moisture, are perfect for areas like bathrooms and kitchens and are easy to clean. The range of designs varies from glossy to a textured finish that satisfies various aesthetic looks. These wallpapers are adaptable options for both residential and commercial environments because of their utility and features like sound absorption, fire retardant qualities, and fade resistance.


Paper materials for wallpaper are affordable, lightweight, and ideal for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Its organic appearance, paintable surfaces, and smooth textures provide endless design options, which makes it good for your walls.


Using cloth for wallpaper design gives interior spaces a touch of luxury and sophistication. Cloth’s adaptability makes it possible to use a variety of materials, including eco-friendly materials and silk, for creative patterns. However using cloth can not be a good option because it is hard to maintain the material color, design, and texture for a longer period.

Non-woven materials

Non-woven materials are manufactured fabrics composed of long fibers fused by mechanical, chemical, or thermal processes.

Its customizable options, environmental concerns, and user-friendliness make non-woven wallpapers a practical and visually appealing solution for interior design.

8. Installation procedure

Installation procedure

The purchased wallpaper must be easy to stick on the walls if not you require a professional to install the wallpaper. Usually, it is a simple process of removing the sticker tape and pasting it on the surface of the wall. It can be done in a professional way by the experts for a good finish.

9. Removability


Sometimes we tend to change our perspective of design, ideology, etc . Therefore the installed wallpaper must be easy to remove without causing any damage to the wall, the paint, and the design. Wallpapers don’t affect the walls as similar as murals or paints when removed.

10. Application surface

Application surface

It varies depending on the material of the wallpaper and the design the application surface is chosen. Few designs are made for a smooth, polished surface while others are suitable for rough and uneven surfaces. You can opt accordingly to the application of the surface for better appearance.

11. Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance

It said that the installed wallpapers should be cleaned and maintained properly to highlight the design and to appear like decent wallpapers even after a few months of purchase.

The cleaning procedure is said to be easy but the detergents must be carefully monitored. 

12. Lighting conditions

Lighting conditions

The reflection of lights tunes the appearance of the wallpapers and the design especially those that are installed on big walls. Good Lighting effect enhances the aesthetic appearance of your walls with wallpapers on it.

13. Customization options  

Customization options

India Circus offers customization options, which allows you to customize the size, colors, or patterns to fit your specific needs. This feature allows you to design different patterns with only one purchase for a  unique wallpaper design.

14. Website efficiency

Website efficiency

The website has to be recognized as a brand and should have products and discounts that attract the audience. This is an important point that should be considered while purchasing wallpaper for walls online. Shopping at India Circus provides you with – easy shipment, convenient delivery charges, packaging costs, a return policy, a warranty, and a user-friendly experience while shopping. 

Here is the bottom Line!

While purchasing Unique wallpaper for walls online make sure that you have chosen a design that best suits your needs using tools like Canva, and perform proper research about the brand, their offers, and customer feedback. Go for the material that is easy to handle and maintain for a longer period. At Indian Circus, we have a consolidated list of designs that embrace our Indian Culture and traditions at affordable prices to make it easy for you.

A beautiful home interior awaits you With a single click – India Circus!

FAQs about Unique Wallpaper for Walls Brought Online

Q1. Which type of wallpaper is best for the wall?

The material selection depends on the surface and texture of the wall. If the wall is smooth and plain, paper-type wallpaper is the better choice as it is easy to paste and remove. For uneven and rough surfaces vinyl material can be used which is comparatively tougher than paper or cloth.

Q2. How do I choose a wallpaper for my wall?

Choosing wallpaper depends on the place and the theme, for instance, if your place is to decorate the living room and the theme is “Indian culture” then look for designs that suit the theme and pick your favorite yet unique wallpaper.

Q3. How do you use wallpaper creatively?

Purchase designs and patterns that can be shuffled to create a new design. Perform a trial and error method for the selection process i.e., use a demo piece available from the market before placing a bulk order or analyze the pattern dimensions using graphic tools.

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