15 must-haves to give your home a festive touch

15 must-haves to give your home a festive touch

It’s that time of the year again when cleaning and decorating our homes are a must. This year especially, after two years of Covid, we can finally invite friends and family over to collectively share the joys of the festive season. Decorating your home may seem tedious, but you can completely change the look of your home by upgrading and swapping out a few items. Here are fifteen things from India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta that will help elevate your home decor to the next level this festive season. 


Switching up your furniture during the festive season doesn’t necessarily mean buying new furniture. Little alterations like changing your cushion covers can help jazz up the space. The Blooms & Swans Blended Velvet Cushion Cover Set of 5 or the Ancient Haathi Blended Velvet Cushion Cover Set of 5 are for those who love ethnic designs and patterns. These cushions are a perfect fit for any festive occasion at your home. The chic and classic designs on the cushions are vibrant enough to spread cheerful festive vibes around your home.


Whitewashing the walls of your home for the festive season is something that we all have heard from our parents. It’s 2022 and we believe in the power of colours. The wide range of designer wallpapers will only add more colour and vibrance to your space. The Bougainville Spectabilis Wallpaper is carefully crafted with a screen room bordered by beautiful bright pink Bougainville’s and Mughal jaali designs with stunning Mughal lanterns to form the tranquillity of the palace.


Our homes are buzzing with a lot of guests during the festive season. Ditch the chairs and instead add the Signature Window Animal Wooden benches to your living room. This not only gives you more seating space but also charms its way into your living rooms with elegance, grace and a hint of quirk. 


To add to the decor, you can define your centre tables with a unique figurine like the Mastadon Tusker Elephant Figurine. Elephants symbolize the welcoming of a festival. This pink-coloured elephant figurine is sure to add a touch of warmth to your abode. 

Dinner Sets:

Having a pretty dinner set always takes your dinner parties to the next level. The Mystical Garden Dinner Set is the perfect companion for such dinner soirees. The Mystical Garden Crockery set is a perfect way to add an Indian touch to your dining experience. The design on the dinner plate features alternate motifs of a jaguar, conifer and a floral design blending in light colours which are perfect for the season. 

Candles Votive:

Making sure that your home smells nice is mandatory. Skip the typical scented incense sticks for scented candles and opt for the Paisley Romance Scented Candle Votive. Besides the beautiful iron and brass case with detailed paisley designs, this vanilla-scented candle is the perfect addition to your home for every festival. 



Adding festive notes to your bedroom always makes the occasion so much more special. The Parakeet Florals Bed Dohar features a lovely hand-block print design of parakeets and florals in pleasant and elegant colours. These are printed by hand for an artisanal feel and offer just the right amount of texture and pattern to your bed.


Center tables are widely used for serving guests tea and snacks and tend to take up everyone’s attention. Adding a rug under it, a pretty table runner and other decorative items can help transform your regular centre table into a nicer festive one. Cyanic Pop Burst Rug adds the perfect pop of colour for the festive season, this rug is the perfect one to go under your centre table. The daisies in neon pink and green shades meander in a cyanide background and add the right amount of oomph to your living space.

Jug Sets:

Swap your old plastic bottles and jugs this festive season for the Peacock Dwarf Copper Jug set. The design features peacocks at the entrance, followed by a beautiful foyer with Mughal-style architecture along with florals and lotuses making this jug simply elegant. An added bonus is that copper has natural antibacterial properties giving you another reason to have this on your dinner table this festive season. 

Table Runners:

Hosting dinner parties during the festive season can be stressful. From figuring out the menu to setting up the table and bringing out your best dinnerware. Every element on the dining table must add to the festive vibe. Amp up your dining table with the beautiful Poppy Flower Scarlet Table Runner. Not only is it beautiful and vibrant but also, poppy flowers are a symbol of peace.  Making this table runner so much more special.


Serving sweets and cocktails in beautiful trays just like the Neon Cyanic Pop Burst Rectangle Serving Trays. These trays are pretty and colourful and will add extra oomph to your hospitality. These trays can also double up for storing and displaying all kinds of things.

 Crystal Candle Holders:

Having candles in a beautiful candle holder at your dinner table is another way to make your dinner party ever so special and elegant. These Grey Crystal Candle Holders are sure to dazzle your dining table decor with their elegant and luxurious, nickel-plated crystals. 


Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, adding colourful curtains will always elevate the look of any space effortlessly. Poppy Flower Full Length Curtain features lovely poppy flower motifs and adds to the aesthetic and sophistication of any home. 

Tissue Box Holders:

Adding little festive details to your space is what makes a difference. This Mughal Doors Reiteration Tissue Box Holder will make sure to amp up your festive decor, while making each element of your abode look stylish. 

Door Mats:

Let the festive feels begin at your doorstep. Finally or firstly, along with the garlands of flowers and decorative door hangings, make your homes speak for themselves. A funky doormat just like the C’est La Vie Doormat by India Circus can be put at the front of your doorstep and at the entrance of your bedrooms as well. This doormat is the perfect piece to welcome your guests. With a groovy design and a mix of bold colours complete the look of your home and keep the compliments rolling. 

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