2018 Fresh Home Decor Ideas that will make your home cosier than ever!

2018 Fresh Home Decor Ideas that will make your home cosier than ever!

Bring in some fresh home décor ideas with the new year. Whether it’s a complete make over or a quick change or it’s the first time you are decorating your home, we at India Circus bring to you fresh ideas to make your home space look better.

1.Designer upholstered Furniture

2.Light and Airy – Let there be light and air flow in your living room.

3.Statement Rug – Use area rugs to define individual ‘rooms’ within the space.

4.Use Furniture to section spaces – Meredith Mahoney, Founder and Design Director of Birch Lane, divides open plan apartments into separate areas by letting the furniture do the work for her.

5.Splash of Wall Art – Add a piece of inexpensive art to the that empty wall above your couch!

6.Go dark in dim places – Paint a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light a saturated colour. “Adding some pigment makes the space feel intentionally moody and romantic.

7.Remember the rule of threes – Popular Interior designer – Kazuko Hoshino of Studio William Hefner has a simple rule of threes in her design – arranging decorative pieces like candles, vases, table plants or flowers in groups of threes.

8.Use Ladders as storage

9.Breakaway from a regular paint job and opt for designer wallpapers

10.Use a lot of Throw pillows for Texture


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