5 Floral Tricks for Your Home to Make the Monsoon Blues Disappear

 5 Floral Tricks for Your Home to Make the Monsoon Blues Disappear

Prints in fashion have a way of coming back but there is one form of accessorizing your home decor that will never lose its allure – the tried and tested floral designs. Floral prints and patterns with big, bright blooms are the easiest way to incorporate colour, texture and elegance into your room interiors. 

The trick to effortlessly blending these prints into spaces is to attain a balance between all elements of decor in a specific area. With monsoon greys and dullness, blooms and florals are an instant mood lifter which creates positive energy and aura around.  

The right balance between the floral combination can channel aesthetics as per your taste. Those who want to embrace this trend can surely be inspired by what we have to offer from the house of India Circus.

A Hallway Wrapped in Florals: 

Whether a huge bungalow or an apartment for two, wallpapers surely add character to any living space. While large prints like Blush the Great Indian Collage Wallpaper are sure to add extra oomph to your living space, small prints like the Beige Inflorescence Dreams Wallpapers add depth and drama to your rooms. Florals are not always fussy and by throwing in a few colour-blocking furniture pieces, you can create magic for your spaces. 

Add your greens:

Adding green leaves, ferns and weeds to the floral design is a great way to introduce a calm and serene environment Greenery through wall decors, dainty furniture and planters with blooms will allow the design to breathe within the walls. The Feathered Garden Wood benches deck up your hallways and create an exemplary look wherever they are placed. 

The Bird Land Stools, portray a picturesque melange of birds, flowers and butterflies wandering in nature, the floral prints along with the bird motifs on the bar stool’s upholstery from homegrown label India Circus blends in beautifully on your bar counter. A row of these stools will add a symmetrical touch to your decor. 

Just like bar stools, adding an extra serving table just beside your sofa is always an apt decision. The Warbled Verdure Tray Table comes with floral designs with a dark background and is a functional utility while entertaining guests. It serves as a cocktail table and the design is just suitable for those experimenting steadily with floral designs. 

The Flights of the Vivers Ottoman illustrate the exuberant floral and leafy green motifs These footstools are available in a variety of designs and compositions, our enviable wooden ottomans are filled with every style imaginable to complement your living space. Weighted light, this small ottoman can be moved from room to room to follow the party.

The Bedtime Beauty: 

Your bedroom is the last place you’ll find yourself at night and the first place you wake up in the morning, so creating satisfying surroundings is key for a good mood. Stay away from cluttering the space by overdoing it. Keep it simple with Perianth Drama Blended Cushion Covers that fit seamlessly not only in your bedrooms but also in your living room sofas.

Bed covers can also add to the decor element of your room. The bold floral prints add an artistic touch to your bedside. The Baroque Floral Quilted Rajai and the Parakeet Floral Single Bed Dohar are a few intricately designed bed covers suitable for the floral theme of your bedroom. 

 The Feathered Garden Style Table is another minute floral piece of furniture that fits perfectly beside your bed. The design showcases a harmony of peach, white and fuchsia blossoms adorned with birds pecking nectar, witnessed by a peacock perched on a branch. They will brighten up the place in no time. The table can hold a water bottle and the Floral Kingdom Paradise Storage Box to keep safe your ornaments, spectacles or whatever you desire. 

Now that you have an understanding of how to work with floral prints, go ahead and try redecorating your home. From doormats to furniture, floral designs can be adapted and seamlessly blended into any décor element. Find all your décor fixes in any India Circus store near you or order online at indiacircus.com

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