5 Ideas To Setup Dinner Table For Date Night

5 Ideas To Setup Dinner Table For Date Night

In most of the relationships, it is not the end result that matters, it is the effort and the thought process put into the act that matters the most.

Going to a fancy restaurant for a dinner date may seem like a good idea, but there is nothing better than creating a restaurant like a feel at home, and making your partner feel special and loved.

While food may not be a problem, if you are not in a mood to cook, you can always call for your partner’s favourite meal for his favourite take away restaurant. The most challenging part of having an in-house date is to set the ambiance and the restaurant like a table.

Here are few ways to create an intimate table setting for two for the special night.

1. Table Runners & Mats

Wondering how to make a simple wooden or glass table at home look different and interesting? The easiest way to do it is by spreading a vibrant and colourful table runner or table cover across the table and flaunt the aesthetic display of your table. Another way to make your table look aesthetic is by placing table mats that coordinate well with your table runners.

2. Complimenting Napkins

To make your table look classic and sophisticated, place a napkin on your dinner table. At India Circus, we have a wide range of colours available for every occasion. To enhance your table makeover, you can give various shapes to the table napkins, after all a romantic date night is about efforts more than perfection.

3. Wine & Glasses

Well, technically speaking, no dinner date complete without a glass of wine. While planning a dinner date, having a good quality wine or champagne glasses are as important as having a well-aged wine. We at India Circus, we have a wide variety of printed and coloured wine and champagne glasses to say cheers for every small and big toast.

4. Special Set For A Special Occasion

If it is a dinner date, it is ought to be special. And special date nights call for a special dinner set and serving dishes. Lay down the beautiful coloured and patterned crockery on your table. At India Circus, we not only provide the china bone crockery but also royal porcelain dinnerware inspired by flora, fauna and geometrical patterns. We have a complete range of tableware from porcelain dinner plates to bowls and serving bowls so that everything looks uniform and perfect.

5. Scented & Tea Light Candles

There are high chances of all your hard work going wrong if your room doesn’t have proper lighting and ambiance in place. To give a romantic ambiance to your room light a lot of candles of different sizes on and around the dining table. After putting in so much effort you surely don’t want your room to smell of only food. Impress your date with the wide variety of scented candles available at India Circus that now come in refreshing fragrances and a splash of colour. After all, lights and shadows have their own way of setting up the mood for the evening.

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