5 Intriguing Ideas to gift a mug!

5 Intriguing Ideas to gift a mug!

1.Little Indoor Garden

For a sublime and fresh gifting experience, present with the Little Green Garden.

This idea is affordable, purposeful, cute and novel.
You need – Mug, Mud, Herbs and Note
Instructions: Fill mud in the Mugs, sow the seeds or implant some herbs and water with love.

Little Herb Garden

Hanging Garden

2.For the Junkies
Best goodies for chocolate lovers or caffeine junkies are, the Happy Pouch Mugs. Indulge them with a heavenly chocolate mixture or best coffee in a sweet little pouch.
You need – Mug, Plastic Bag, Cocoa Mixture and Ribbon
Instructions: Make the yummiest cocoa mixture, wrap it up, put it in the mug and it is ready!

Hot Cocoa in a Mug

Gift in a Mug

3.Flower Power
It is always the best idea to gift your loved ones with a bunch of luscious hues. Here is one superb way you can gift flowers, breaking the usual.
You need – Mug, Flowers, and Note
Instructions: Arrange flowers in the mug and write a sweet note. That’s it!

Flowers in a Mug

Flower Power

4.Beauty Aids
Gifting your girl friends with a mug full of cosmetics and accessories, which is just going to fill her happiness to the brim. Put in some of her favorite assortment of products, and bet!
You need- Cosmetics, bracelets, Earrings and pretty wrappings.
Instructions: An array of lovely accessories and some cosmetics, best-est!

Jewelry Holder

5.In the air
Gift an exhilarating pack of room freshening combo with slip of use that says- Mix and Boil. This simple, soothing and soft gift pack will surely add a special essence to the day.
You need- Mug, Lemons, Rosemary, Vanilla Essence, and Water
Instructions: Add rosemary, vanilla essence and lemon juice, in water and boil it. Keep it in the room and rejoice the mild freshness.

Natural Room Freshener

Natural Room Freshener

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