5 Monsoon Travel Essentials

5 Monsoon Travel Essentials

It is time to pack your bags and head to the misty mountains in lush greenery. Whether it is your first time or you’re a seasoned globetrotter, it is always helpful to rundown on your checklist. While we are in the monsoons, here’s what think will be handy for you. Do let us know your favourite handy things while you are travelling during the monsoons.

1.UmbrellaThis one is a must have. You obviously need it. And if you want to be stylish and cool, then India Circuses umbrellas are perfect for your outing. Don’t get drenched. 😉

2.Passport Cover With our range of passport covers, you can clear customs in style. Our covers are thoughtfully designed to organise your passport through your journey. Don’t forget this essential!

3. Tote Bag We all need a small check-in kind of bag for all things handy. India Circuses range of tote bags are perfect for you to step in style into the flight or anywhere else. Carry this fun and stylish bag with you while you are travelling this monsoon.

4.Travel WalletTravelling just got easier with our range of travel wallets. It can accommodate your passport, currency, tickets and everything essential, all in one safe place.

5.Lunch Bag A lunch bag with all food for the long journey is a must. After all, we all prefer some home cooked food. India Circuses lunch bags are spacious enough to carry food for the journey.

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