5 things that will make your sister happy this Rakhi


Sisters are the Best friends all you brothers could have asked for. She is cool, smart, funny, knows you better anyone else and most of all, she loves you unconditionally.

Even though you have fought over the silliest things fro who gets to hold the remote to who shall eat the last piece of delicious chocolate, you know you love her despite all your little squabbles.

Here’s your chance to pamper your sister and give her exactly what she deserves- all your love and attention, and lots of goodies!.


Rakhi is not just a festival, it is a bond of love, inseparable, unbeatable and yeah- an ode to the coolest relationship in the world, that of a brother and sister.

All women love a surprise and with Raksha Bandhan being just around the corner, a bunch of goodies for your favorite sister in the world will do the trick. Here are some quick ideas of how you can plan your special day.

01. Bags and Wallets:

A woman may own a 100 bags, and yet, a new bag is a welcome sight! Gift your loving sister a super trendy bag or a wallet from India Circus. You have a truck load of variety to choose from and most of all, there are oh-so-many colors! There is nothing better than a trendy bag to spruce up an occasion!

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02. Chocolates:

Get her, her favourite candies and bars of chocolate, and not just one or two, but a whole load of goodies. There’s nothing more effective than a smile on your siblings face, which only dollops of chocolate can bring. Be rest assured, she will definitely share these goodies with you :P!


03. Personalise- get creative!:

Whether you write a song or a poem, or maybe, wear a tee with your sister’s picture on it which says, ‘the world best sister’! Make an effort and go out of the way, think out of the box, cook her a meal! You know what your sister loves best! A photo album or a book or your memorables, make sure you give her what she will never ever forget!


04. Take her out – Call it your Sibling Soiree

This is like spending time with your best friend. Take her out shopping. Have lunch with her. It’s the perfect chance to catch up on the goings of your lives and share notes and spend time. This is not just a bonding experience, but also, a collection of stories and memories you can narrate to your grandchildren 😛


05. Watch your favorite movies or re-runs of your favorite soaps

Watching those special movies which makes you both laugh and remember those times when you were little and shared the little squabbles. Most of all, watch the re-runs of FRIENDS where Ross and Monica are the coolest siblings ever.



Remember, your sister is smart, funny and independent. Respect her and feel the love. Most of all, let her know that you are the best-est friend she can every have and you will stand by her side no matter what happens. This Rakhi, celebrate with your best friend the super bond of love.

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