5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

LOVE, the four letter word, so short yet so deep that it makes your whole life blissful and beautiful for those who succeed in understanding their relationship and cherish every moment with their loved one.

For couples, every day is a celebration but one day that truly accounts for a great celebration is the ‘world-wide love day’ a.k.a, Valentine’s day. Both of you plan and wait for months for this day to arrive. Now that its round the corner I’m sure you ladies must be stressed and worried because you haven’t planned anything for this day and probably, he has already done all the planning. You definitely want to make this day special for him but you don’t even know what you should gift him because of his less expressive nature.

Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered! We’ve understood his likings and have curated these 5 amazing gift items that you can give to your boyfriend or husband and we’re sure it’s going to bring a smile on his face.

1. Perfume: “Perfume is like a new dress. It makes you quite simply marvellous,” rightly said by Estee Lauder. With ‘Musk’ and ‘Vetiver’ for men, you can add a new collection of fragrances to his closet. These Indian-origin fragrances will not only remind you of all the places you’ve travelled together but also add new memories to your ‘book of endearment’. So ladies! Go grab him a bottle or 2 from our nearest store or you can also buy it online from this link.

2. Spectacle Cases: Well, you know how he is, in his busy schedule he always forgets to carry his spectacles and has a rough day at office without them. It is a necessary element of his daily life and needs to be kept safely, for which we have some quirky and aesthetic designed spectacle cases that you can gift to him this Valentine’s day so he can slip it into his satchel and never forget them again. You can quickly order these from our website right away!

3. Wine and Champagne Glasses: Want to go out for a dinner date but both of you are equally lazy? Well, don’t you worry. We have an amazing collection of champagne glasses that will give you the elegant and royal dinner date you want while you both are in your pyjamas watching a romantic movie on your couch at home. This will be fun relaxing date for him as well as you after a tiring day at work. You can also add a touch of refreshment through our scented candles to have a romantic vibe. You can select and order your favourite pair of champagne glasses from here.

4. Laptop Bag: Being a workaholic you know the amount of pressure and stress he goes through and in order to have all his deadlines accomplished he needs to have a relaxed mind. Gift him a laptop bag from our variety and make sure he can comfortably carry his laptop everywhere. Pro tip: make sure you give him the gift after your dinner date is done, else this comfortable product of ours will make him start working at the very moment and you’ll be drinking your wine alone. You can immediately grab this product from here.

5. Watch Box: We know how obsessed a guy can get when it comes to maintaining good watches. And what better way to care for his watches than by gifting him a watch box from India Circus. We are sure that he will love that you too care for his lovely watches.

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