6 Best Travel Tips For First-Timers

6 Best Travel Tips For First-Timers

We all know that you are excited for your upcoming holiday. Your flights and hotels are booked, but there’s one more thing that you that you must do. A check-list of all the travel essentials while you tick them off while you are packing. We’ve put down some important ones for you.

Roll it on: It’s easier to roll your clothes and pack them. This will not only save suitcase space but also help you add things when you shop during your vacay.

Valuables in the Backpack: Keep all your handy valuables in your backpack or hand luggage. You don’t really have to worry about losing it. Don’t forget to have a mini closet in your backpack, apart from a neck pillow, ear plugs, charger, a handy snack or chocolate bar and your other essentials. Oh yes, and the valuables too. 😛

Make sure you pack all-rounder fashions and not eccentric statement pieces. And don’t forget those fancy evening wears you’ve been waiting to wear all this while. Make sure you make an elegant statement when you wear those. And yes, the most necessary things go on top – like a towel, maybe?

Don’t forget the Toiletries Bag: This handy bag must have all your toiletries, from your toothbrush, to shaving kit to perfumes or body sprays and some basic make-up.

Travel Tags: While you have set all your clothes aside, make sure you have your bag tag with you. Unless if you are an international man of mystery, you shouldn’t worry about travelling incognito. Most suitcases come with bag tags and make sure you fill them, just in case.

Passport Holder: You won’t really forget your passport once you’ve kept it in a nice cover. Or unless if your are travelling domestic and you don’t need it. But if you are, then it’s a must and it has to be in your hand luggage/backpack. Mini Health Kit: We know you’re not going to fall sick, but a basic set of medication should be carried. And since it’ll be a planned trip, just make sure your medicals are clear by thn. Also make sure you have your health insurance in place (overseas health insurance in case of international travel).

So, what are you waiting for? Get set, pack and go 😉

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