6 Gifting Ideas To Make Your Lady Feel Special

6 Gifting Ideas To Make Your Lady Feel Special

On 8th March, we celebrate all the courageous and inspiring women around us, who manage to strike just the right balance between her personal and professional life to making the world around us a better place to be at. This women’s day, make your precious lady feel although more special and empowered and show her your support. We’ve got some gifting ideas which will help you make her feel special.

1.Coffee Mug

What could be better to start to a day by having a perfectly brewed tea or coffee in a perfect cup? While we all are picky about how exactly we want our tea or coffee, subconsciously, we are also picky about the mug in which our morning energy drink is being served. A good drink served in a wrong glass can ruin the mood. To give a kick start to your lady’s day, server her, her daily dose of caffeine in vibrant coloured ceramic coffee mugs that represent modern contemporary art in its truest essence.


We love the confidence that your lady wears before stepping out of the home. And to add on to that confidence, we at India Circus has a spectacular collection of fragrances that will make your woman feel oracular. Choose from the wide range of fragrance available at India Circus with our bestselling Rose and Musk fragrance.

3.Gorgeous Stoles

No matter how modern your lady is, once in a while there comes a day when she wants to ditch her trendy modern clothes and embrace herself in traditional or semi-traditional clothes. This a day when she will be looking for a stole that will compliment her outfit. Smeared with sophisticated prints and designs, pick a scarf from the house of India Circus and help your lady to embrace her outfit.


In the history of working women, no women have ever left the house without a handbag. Women of all age have a habit of carrying their entire house in their handbag. Bags have now become a women’s best friend (obviously after diamonds). At India Circus, we help you to pick a bag for every purpose. Our bag collection includes trendy tote bags, laptop bags, lunch bags and even cosmetic bags, in short, bags of all kind that your lady demands.


5.Notebook and Memo Pad

A women’s determination can be seen in her hustle, help your lady to keep record of all her work or even at home, by gifting her a pair of a notebook and a memo pad, wherein she can keep record of her daily ‘to do list’ and things that are yet to be done. The collection at India Circus is a representation of authentic Indian elements with a contemporary twist.

6.Business Card Holder

Be it your mom, sister or your wife, no matter what relation you share with your lady, you always feel proud when she introduces profession to others and exchange her visiting card. You may not be to tell her of how proud you are of her but can show your pride her by gifting a visiting card holder to her, so every time she exchanges her visiting card, she knows that she has your love and support.

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