The scorching summer is almost gone to make way for the pitter-pattering Monsoon. With a whiff of petrichor and the nature bathed in lush green, this season spurs new beginnings. While we would all love to soak in the chilling drizzle not caring a bit about the world, the rumbling storms leave us with no option but to remain indoors.

As the curtains rise up to welcome rains, we have curated few décor essentials by India Circus to provide you with the ultimate indoor experience.

Is Umbrella Under Cover?
Monsoons are incomplete without your favourite umbrella. Since ages, Umbrellas are synonymous to rains. From raven black U-shaped umbrellas to head strap poly colored umbrellas, we have seen it all.

Say goodbye to monotony with our colorful range of funky designer umbrellas. Dance and sing in rain, with an umbrella always by side. (In case you need it.) Lean it over your shoulder and share it with a friend. For sharing is caring. Nonetheless, these windproof designer umbrellas are sure to make the heads turn.

Step up your monsoon game by parking these designer umbrellas in the porch. You can either hang up from the ceiling or dangle them upside down. Who says Umbrellas aren’t fashion accessories, anyway!

Art Attack:
A piece of art is worth a thousand words and more. Exhibit the artwork and position such that the daylight falls upon gradually over the entire wall, brightening up your living room all together. Choose the pieces that reflect your personality and sensibilities. Let the world know who you are. Display your own art exhibit from the ultra-premium assortment of Framed Wall Art and Canvas Wall Art by Krsnaa Mehta. Contextualizing contemporary India, he breathes life into wall art using silk screens, digital photography, and print with his Midas touch.

Aroma Illuminia:
‘Tis the season when Sun plays hide and seek. The sky drowns in dark clouds, brewing the rumbling storms. Before the melancholy could get your mind, illuminate the scented wax candles bringing the old school charm. With refreshing fragrances and myriad of colors, scented pillar candles from India Circus come in different variants to cast a spell on you and your guests.

Hold The Doormat:
There is no escape from muddy puddles in Monsoon. But doormats by India Circus are no longer  mere utilities to keep out the mud and slush. Crafted with tough bristles and traditional designs in contemporary twists, these doormats forge an inviting exterior to your home. Explore the trending collection of decorative doormats from neutral brown to bold colors, to create a statement while you have guests come over.

Charm with Cushions:
Bring in the seasoned theme onto your cushion covers with pops of color to add warmth and character to the living space. Our enviable assortment offers decorative to embroidered cushion covers in an endless array of hues and designs.

Fun Fact – Monsoon is wonderful until you realize that you do not have someone to snuggle when it rains. Even if not, the shaped cushions from India Circus come to your rescue. Designed with soft inner cushioning to fit in the shape of you, the eclectic and quirky bed cushions are all that you need for little pillow talk.

Magical Mug-gles:
If Pandas are your spirit animals you would probably want to curl up in bed, reading a good book.What better way to spend such rainy days than to devour the aroma of hot coffee? Enhance your
experience with the eclectic range of ceramic and glass coffee mugs by India Circus. Deluge your soirees with bouts of nostalgia while having a conversation over coffee or the mug itself. For each of these pieces draw inspiration from the Mughal opulence to the primary school drawing class alike.

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