6 Trends that’ll Rejuvenate your home in 2020

6 Trends that’ll Rejuvenate your home in 2020

With the start of the new decade, we’re also seeking a new beginning. This comes with setting new goals, new resolutions, and of course, a newer home. Rejuvenating ourselves sounds good, but what better place to start than your home with some retail therapy? After all, your home plays a huge part in setting your mood. It’s where you spend most of your time, and it deserves as much attention as you do. With the new year rolling in, new trends have too, and there’s ample of ways you can decorate your home for a fresh start and get your dream home! No matter the size of your home, or your budget, we at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have gathered a few of the trendiest and easiest ideas for you to pep up your home this new year with these up and coming home decor trends. Let’s take a look at some of these trends that you won’t be able to resist incorporating:

1.Monday Blues can be fun too! Grey monochrome has been trending for a while, and as stylish as it can get with its neutrality and ability to fit anywhere, we’re now seeing a pattern of bolder monochrome colours. These can be incorporated in your walls or even in your furniture. Some bold colours have a personality of its own and can play a huge part in setting the mood of your home. Go for shades of Blue, which are the epitome of elegance and boldness. They provide a great contrast to your otherwise more neutral colours and give that colour pop that you essentially desire. We believe we’ll be seeing more of blues this year, as Pantone has picked Classic Blue as the Colour of the Year, and we completely agree!

2.Black and White: The Dynamic Duo. High contrast design is the new up and coming trend, and it’s time to bid goodbye to all-white interiors. For spaces like your kitchen and bathroom, and even your living room, black and white make a dynamic duo which adds class and style to an otherwise subtle choice of interior. What we love about this duo is that it can be incorporated just about anywhere! Being the representative of the dark spectrum and light spectrum respectively, these two colours create an attractive high contrast that marries extremely well together. Black cushions with white couches, or black countertops with white cabinets. Just imagining it is making our eyesight tingle.

3.Go Natural. Add some texture and colour pop to your space with some indoor plants and dried flowers, or even an indoor garden. Using earthy colours like browns and greens for your interiors bring a luxurious touch, without the use of too many colours, and it also adds a layer of personality. Tropical or floral patterned wallpapers, beddings, and paintings are the perfect touch. Incorporating natural elements adds a touch of serene homeliness and gives a peaceful vibe and promotes an environmentally friendly home. It also sets the tone and gives a homelier feel, although it incorporates elements from the outdoors!

4.Canopy Beds for some dazzling comfort. Canopy beds give the image of luxury, royalty, as well as comfort. They create a tranquil space that is inviting and hard to resist, and your bed should be just that. If it’s hard to wake up in the morning, a canopy bed would make it downright impossible. By creating a serene oasis, it’s exactly everything you desire when you come home to your bed after a long day. Canopy beds don’t need to be heavily draped with too much going on like they used to. This year opt for simple frames which add the perfect colour and style to your zone of comfort.

5.Geometric and Aztec Patterns for some pep and fun. Geometric and Aztec patterns have their own charm and have been trending for years. These patterns are bold and colourful and are just the right tool to make a statement in your home. Finding the right balance is important too, as too much of this varying pattern can become a mess if you overdo it. You can pick one area of your home to add these patterns, maybe with a geometric wallpaper or your couch, or even floor tiles, to contrast and stand out against the more subtle and neutral areas of your home. Geometric patterns add a trendy, intricate feel to your space, and give your house a peppy updo, connoting luxury.

6.Vintage Designs: The embodiment of luxury. Vintage designs were extremely popular in the mid-centuries, and now they’re making a comeback. Vintage interiors make a statement like no other and add the perfect touch of luxury, even in the most ordinary spaces. Incorporate just one or two traditional pieces to add that layer of class, with upholstery such as a vintage sofa or antique tables. Velvets and royal colours can be incorporated as well. Vintage designs add a certain ethnicity and uniqueness to your home which you never knew you wanted, up until now!

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