6 Unusual Holi Celebrations Of India!

6 Unusual Holi Celebrations Of India!

Each nation has its own way of sharing joy and love and so do we. Here the median of sharing the joy is called Festival. There are 367 Festivals and each of them has its own color, the color of joy. One of the most cherished among them is Holi. Be it pralad’s true devotion to Lord Narayan or Passion of Kaamadeva who risked his life to revoke Lord Shiva from meditation and save the world. Holi always shared a positive message of victory of good over evil. Holi was also a way to leave behind all the hard feeling and unit in a fun splendor way. But this season let us simply cherish the unusual Holi celebrations of India and this indeed will make your Holi special.

The festival of color has a magnificent history behind it. Legend has it that Holi was among the most celebrated and cherished festival even in the early 16th-century wherein the Kings played royal Holi with their wives.

A shot of “Lath Maar Holi” that takes place in Barsana. Here the females playfully hit sticks to the males who come to play Holi. An affair that starts a week in advance re-creates the joyful moments of the unforgettable love story of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Holi has been an integral part of Bollywood. While songs around the festival have often added color and verve to films, lavish celebrations with a lot of star sparkle is a constant fixture and a big talking point in the industry.

Holi-land is one of the biggest music festivals in India and is a unique combination of sound, light, video, aerial choreography and laser show which is sure to dazzle you.

Holi in Anandpur Sahib is much more than just playing with colors. It’s about showcasing the courage and power for the Nihang Sikhs. Apart from playing Holi, they practice wrestling, martial arts, mock sword fights, acrobatic military exercises, and turban tying.

The energy and gaiety of Mumbaites during Holi is high spirited and the streets here look even more fascinating with colorful giggles and laughter of kids. In a way, Holi gives a chance to renew love, recharge your energy and relive an atmosphere of oneness!

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