6 Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Her

6 Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s day is around the corner. What comes with it seems to be an array of personalised gifts, flowers, an exquisite dinner outing, and a lot of mushy love. Whether you’re new in a relationship or been with your bae for some time, 14th February is about pampering your girl with presents and flattery.

From young love, to raging flames at the bottom of the ocean regardless of how long you’ve been with each other, choosing a perfect item for your special date is not an easy task. To help you get started, we’ve curated a range of gifting suggestions, from the plush to the tender to the practical. Oh, and just in case your pocket might be dry since the post-December season, we’ve included a range of price points to ensure your budget doesn’t overshoot.

1.Wall Art for her boudoir:

If you’re looking to drop a jaw, buy her some art. Nothing can go wrong with a Wall Art from India Circus. Choose from a range of exquisite wall art pieces for her boudoir. Let her hang it in her space and reminisce in your sweet gesture at every glance.


There’s a reason fragrance has always been the classic choice when you are picking a gift for your loved one. The fragrance you gift someone tells them something about what they mean to you. In essence, it’s you saying “I think this encapsulates you”. Look through our collection of exquisite fragrances and bathe them with your expression of fragrant love.

3.Sling Bags and Chocolates:

Want to get her something special, or something durable that she could wear every day, or a special token of appreciation which shows a symbol of your love for always. Explore our sling bags and pick one that suits her mood. We recommend filling the bag with her favourite chocolates. She will surely be delighted.

4.Travel Accessories:

If you are a couple that travels together, grace her with travel accessories this valentine’s day. Get yourself matching passport covers to further the sweet loving mush amongst you. She’d surely find it adorable. Look through our collection of stylish travel accessories and take your pick.

5.Cook her dinner:

Love to be a total Master Chef when it comes to your kitchen? And cook for your lover, family and friends? Indulge your imagination with the sparkle of our range of lavish dinner plates, or exotic floral patterned serving bowls.

Want to pop a bottle of champagne in monarchic style, then we have the perfect Champaign flute for you! Check out our Blue Sainte Champaign Salute Champaign Glass, and look through a colour as vast as the ocean. Get funky with the Sassy Salute Champaign Glass. Do not miss out the jaded emerald heraldry that shines through the vivid Green Orchid Champaign Glass.

6.Gift of Gratitude:

While we recommend many material gifts, don’t forget to shower her with the gift of gratitude. Tell her how grateful you are to have her, and let her know how much you appreciate her time. This gift is a sure-fire home-run.

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day. Happy romancing everyone!

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