6 Ways to incorporate a Vintage Look to your Modern Contemporary Homes

6 Ways to incorporate a Vintage Look to your Modern Contemporary Homes

Homes that contain a few vintage accessories always feel more warm, welcoming and comfortable. Adding a hint of the vintage look to your contemporary styled homes can sometimes be hard to pull off, but when done right can give a completely new look to your space. With India Circus’ range of modern contemporary home decor, we are sure that you could add an elegant vintage charm to your homes. Here are 6 ways in which you could style your home by adding small accents and decor pieces to your modern home.

1.Wall Art

Remember how walls of royal palaces and museums always have huge art piece hanging on their wall? Adding a huge vintage wall art, or traditional paintings will not only make your wall the highlight of your room but will also take you back to the days where art was gold.

2.Patterned Fabric Sofas

If you are someone who likes to keep the walls clean and let furniture do all the talking, you can do so by covering your sofa with bright printed sofa fabrics. These sofa fabrics will take you back to your granny’s place where sofas were layered were with bright colourful flower prints. You can replicate something similar for own house from wide range of sofa fabric available at India Circus.

3.Side Tables

Side tables are one of the most important and under rated furniture in any room. To decorate the living room, pair up the vintage or wild print side table with your English style centre coffee table and your living room furniture is complete.

4.Lamps and Lanterns

The best combination of light and decoration are the lamps and lanterns. The magic created through lights and shadows is beautifully bestowed by lanterns and table lamps. Table Lamps and Lanterns, both are easy to maintain and can be placed as per their utility. Lamps in bedrooms, lanterns in living rooms and foyers. Lanterns often add a vintage look to your modern home while illuminating your home for the perfect evening.

5.Steel Tumblers & Kulhads

Relive those old golden era days where water was served in steel glasses and the tea vendor served the chai in Kulhads. Bring back home a set of printed steel glasses and kulhad glasses which are easily available at India Circus in colourful designs and patterns. Our designs are boho-chic and suit all kinds of kitchens. And the best part is, kids can easily play around with them and you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

6.Matching Jug & Glass Set

Another vintage thing that will take you down the memory lane is the matching Jug & Glass Set, which can be used to serve either flavoured water or fresh homemade juices during summers. A must-have accessory for the perfect spring-summer. Jugs & Glasses make the dining table look organised and elegant while giving a royal touch to your meals.

We feel that these are the best to begin with. Of course, our wallpapers are timeless.

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