6 ways to integrate Classic Blue in your home

6 ways to integrate Classic Blue in your home

Are you having a serious case of the Blues? We at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have the perfect solution to cure your blues, with some more blue! Every year, the colour company Pantone analyses trends in travel, fashion, homes, and culture, and selects their Colour of The Year. For 2020, their choice is Classic Blue, and a classic it is, no doubt. Dreamily described as “a timeless and enduring blue hue” that’s “elegant in its simplicity,” Pantone claims this colour resembles the sky at dusk. A calm yet bold, simple yet elegant, and a loud yet classy hue, we believe this colour can enrich any space. It’s not often you’ll find a colour as strikingly beautiful as this one, and it’s the perfect time to incorporate it!  Here’s how you can integrate Classic Blue in your home as well, and add that splash of colour you never knew you desired:

1.Mix It Up – Classic Blue as a standalone colour speaks for itself but mix it up with some more shades and you have a winner. Pair it with gold for an elegant touch that also adds a dash of royalty, while maintaining simplicity. You can also easily pair this colour with shades of green to get soothing interiors that will calm your soul. Blue and green are cool colours, being representatives of nature. When they come together they offer a calming haven that complement each other like no other. You can also pair Classic Blue with yellows and oranges, these loud colours have high contrast and bring out an exciting charm in each other. Pep up any space with these dramatic colours, for some high energy vibes.

2.Add A Splash of Blue – The advantage of a colour like Classic Blue is that it goes with just about anything, while maintaining its charm, making it easy to incorporate just about anywhere. Who doesn’t love something that can fit in so easily? Make a statement by picking out your choice of the finest trendy blue accents to add some texture. It could vary from lamps, kitchenware, or end tables, to cushions and paintings. When these accents are paired with more neutral interiors, they bring a splash of colour and youth that instantly catches the eye and appeals to aesthetics, while also blending into its surroundings.

3.Isolate – With subtle interiors, sometimes all you need is one single piece of upholstery to bring it all together. If your walls and decor are mainly in hues of greys, whites, pinks, or blacks, and you feel like something’s missing, we’ll tell you what it is; Classic Blue. It might be hard to break the flow of relaxation in your tranquil space of haven but incorporating this feel good shade in your living room will just make it that much more peaceful. Have your floors covered with a sophisticated carpet in this mesmerising hue and you’ll feel like you’re walking on water. It instantly lifts your spirits and can pretty up any space!

4.You Can’t Get Enough – It isn’t necessary to limit this colour’s scope to just single pieces of upholstery. A bold shade like Classic Blue can carry your entire living room. Cover up your walls in this enriching colour, whilst also complementing it with Classic Blue interiors. Blue couches, blue coffee tables, and blue accents, paired up with shades of brown and black make stunning and classy appearances that will appeal to your guests and make a serene and peaceful environment. You might think the blue can be over powering, but trust us, its sophistication at its finest.

5.Artistic Fusion – Solid Classic Blue is oh so desirable. But if you feel like ditching the monochrome, go for patterned bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, or wallpaper with shades of this striking blue, to add a layer of style. Bright colours and striking patterns make the perfect combination, with a touch of elegance but at the same time fun. The ongoing repetition of blue in eclectic patterns gives a vibe of relaxation and comfort, with its resemblance to the everlasting sky. One look can instantly calm your mind and wash your worries away. It’s all happy vibes.

6.Light It Up – It isn’t necessary to incorporate this stunning haven of a colour in just your furniture. You can also incorporate it with lights! A false ceiling with Classic Blue backlighting would play part in giving out an everlasting feeling of joy and can instantly change the mood of your space, pumping you up. If you’d not like to opt for a false ceiling, you can also get a single big light for the centre of your living room, ever ready to get your fun times with the single click of a button! Who even needs a disco ball anymore, when you can illuminate your home and add some youth with the most stunning shade of the year?

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