6 Ways To Style Up Your Vacation Home For Summer

6 Ways To Style Up Your Vacation Home For Summer

Your vacations are meant to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, and there is nothing better than having a very own vacation home away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can spend a blissful weekend and come back all refreshed and energetic.

To make most of your ‘relaxing weekend’ it is important that your vacation home gives you nested feel and requires minimum maintenance. Before summer season hits the city, here is how you can style us your vacation home for those ‘relaxing weekends’.

1. Add A Wallpaper

As soon as you enter the house, the first thing that strikes you are the walls. Since you are on mini vacation, you want everything that relaxing and easy to your eyes. And what better way to do than with an India Circus Wallpaper with interesting hues, stories and welcoming. Colourful walls are not only pleasing to the eye, but also make your home look more open and spacious.

2.Incorporate Smart Furniture

While you are away from the cluttered city, on vacation mode, you should follow the theory of ‘less is more’. Sticking to basic minimal furniture will allow your space to breathe and a sense of peace. Try incorporating small round ottomans and side-tables to add the vacation aura to your vacation home.

If you have the freedom to restructure space, try to push in the walls and create more open space like wide open balcony and terrace gardens where you can enjoy your morning and tea time. Side tables are perfect for the balcony. Another alternative to creating an open space is by replacing the concrete wall that opens to nature with glass walls which will further allow abundance sunlight to enter your space.

3.Invest In Upholstery Fabric & Bed Linen

If you believe in the art of travelling light, you certainly don’t want to carry your entire house to your vacation home. While buying the furniture, make sure you have the best upholstery and bed linen with you. And of course, enough storage space to keep those extra pillows, covering sheets and other utilities. Don’t forget the extra crockery for friends from the city who wish to join you.

4.Turn On The Relax Mode

Once your furniture is in place, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the evening. To set the right mood for the evening, lighting plays an important role. Make sure your room, bathroom and kitchen are brightened up with golden and yellow lights. You can also place candles & tea lights on the centre table and dinning just in case if you are in mood for candle light dinner.

5.Keep The Stock Up

It is often said that vacation calories do not count. How can you possibly have a gala weekend without food and drinks? Make sure your bar has enough glasses to keep the drinks flowing, and your barbecue is serving hot and tender food to keep your tummy happy. And when you are on weekend getaway, you don’t want your fancy wine and food to look boring, serve wine in contemporary coloured wine glasses and dinner in colourful patterned plates available at India Circus.

6.Add Colour to your Serving Trays

When you are on vacation mode, you are certainly looking for ways to add more colour to your life, to do so, replace your plain cutlery with colourful variety of glass, trays and dinner set. You can choose from wide range of variety available at India Circus.

Happy Weekend to you!

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