7 Décor Must Haves For Your Living Room

7 Décor Must Haves For Your Living Room

The Living room is where friends and family gather. It’s your socialising lounge, where guests are welcome. That makes it arguably your most important room in terms of decorating. How you do up your living room works as a reflection of your aesthetic and personality. Whether you’re looking to change up your space, or have moved in to a new place, decorating your living room can be a daunting task, just as it is exciting. Here are living room decor essentials from India Circus for a sure-fire interior upgrade.

Cushion Covers

Cushions and throws are great accents to add to your space. Choose colours that go with your furniture. If you’re looking for a more contemporary theme, use printed cushions available in a wide variety of quirky designs. Be bold, and don’t shy away from patterned designs. Patterned room accessories add life and character to the space.  Use them thoughtfully to create an intimate, cosy, and artistically appealing setting. Choose from floral designs, geometric patterns, embroidered cushions, puckered cushion covers and shaped throws to elevate your home decor.

Wall Art

Buy more art. Display more art. Your living room is largely your most important room when it comes to decorating. Here’s where you do more of your social display work. It’s your space to express yourself to your guests. What better way to do this, than with Wall Art? Overhaul your living room with the premium collection of Wall Art by Krsna Mehta. With intrepid compositions, that conceptualise and contextualise contemporary India, these are indeed a beautiful treat to the eye. Explore our options and pick a piece that best fits your home theme. Choose from a variety of colours and compositions.

Area Rugs

Your floor is your fourth wall. Rugs and floor coverings help set the tone of your space at a floor level. Whether it is with patterns or with colour, floor accents can add lots to your room’s character. Available in floral and geometric patterns, our floor rugs can be used to add a layer of texture, and colour to your room.


Lamp and lanterns act as strong visual points in your room setting, which makes them incredibly important room adjuncts. Soft, warm lighting in your living area, can make everyone feel and look good. Using a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps can give your space an increased delight. Choose a printed table lamp from India Circus and mix it up with our metal lanterns to give your space a rich makeover. Inspired by Moroccan design, our lanterns showcase bright and magnetic colours, making them a perfect fit for any modern home.

Figurines and Statue Decor Accents

Use figurines and statues to amp up your living room decor play. Place these on your table top, or adjacent to your walls. These are sure to spark conversations, and amazement from your guests. Choose colours that best blend in with your wall paint.


Vases are an elegant way to display your design sensibility. They are nuanced pieces of design, that are otherwise overlooked, but can add punches of impact to your home decor. Include India Circus’s exquisite assortment of ceramic to your home decor. Thoughtfully sized, this modern accessory takes care of both appeal and functionality.


It’s a no brainer that your furniture defines your living room setting. How you main couch looks has significant value when it comes to defining your interior decor in the living room. Alongside your main seating arranging, our Ottomans come together as cute pieces of seating furniture that can elegant the aesthetic in your living room. These pieces can be perfectly arrange beside your sofa set. With a variety of colours and compositions to choose from, India Circus range of Ottoman stools definitely make the cut to our favourite living room essentials.

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