7 Essentials for your Summer Beach Vacay

7 Essentials for your Summer Beach Vacay

We all know how excited you are to hit the beach to soak yourself in the sun and get a natural tan because Summer is here! The best part about beach places are the rented apartments/villas, rental bikes and the beach of course. But while you are all excited, make sure you have this checklist that’ll help you pack your things right.

1.Travel Kit –You’ll probably spend over half a day at the beach and the other half on shopping. So, you might as well have a handy travel kit from India Circus to keep you sunscreen’s and other travel friendly toiletries.

2.Sun Hat –We know the love-hate relationship you and sun share. And you can embrace it with a gorgeous sun hat to keep your head cool during your beach outing. You can also use it if you are beside the pool.

3.Sunglasses – Sun’s out, sunglasses out. Well at least for us. And you could classily take your sunglasses out in a spectacle case by India Circus.

4.Flip Flops – Of course you need them when you go out on the beach. You’re not going to spoil your shoes on beach, are you?

5.Travel Wallet by India Circus –While you must keep the carry-ons to the minimum, a travel wallet with all your essentials including money, passport, all your cards and a map of the town is a must.

6.Bluetooth Speakers – You would obviously want some good music when you are soaking in the sun with your friends. What better way to do that than by carrying a Bluetooth speaker.

7.Power Bank by India Circus –Don’t run out of battery while you are taking all those amazing pictures and uploading them on social media. Our Power Bank is exactly what you need to not run out of battery.

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