7 Gifts for your Brother this Bhai Dooj

7 Gifts for your Brother this Bhai Dooj

The five-day celebration of Diwali concludes with Bhai Dooj, a prominent day which celebrates the bond of a brother and sister. Like all other Hindu festivals, this one too has a lot to do with family ties and social attachments.

While all brothers go through the entire web to search for the perfect gift during Rakhi, a similar occasion, this time it the brothers get a gift too. So, dear sisters, we have 7 things which your brother would love to have this Diwali. Look at them below:

1.Unisex Wallets – You know your brother loves his style. And you would also know that the chivalry inside him will not allow you to pay for anything. 😉 Well, lucky you! Elevate his style quotient by several notches as you shop for a unisex wallet from the house of India Circus. The unique troupe of designs come in attendance with a modern contemporary twist making these wallets an upscale conglomerate of utility and aesthetic.

2.Desk and Magazine Organiser – The least you can expect is your brother to be a cleanliness freak as you. Well, change is inevitable and someday he will have to do it himself. So, the best thing is you buy one for yourself, so he will want it too. But since you’ve already bought two, gift our desk and magazine organiser to your brother.

3.Messenger Bag – Have you been looking at adding a runway touch to your staple work style? Well, you are at the right place for that! Our range of messenger bags are iconic and exactly what would add a runway touch to your everyday style. So, dear sisters, we are sure you will love these for your brother too! Go grab one these now.

4.Photo Frame – We all have that one embarrassing childhood picture which you wish to hide from everyone. But what makes it nostalgic and memorable is by reminiscing those memories every day. Because while it is not easy to laugh out on your embarrassing moments, it will always bring a smile to your face when you see that framed. Let your brother reminisce the nostalgia every day as you gift him one of our photo frames.

5.Wine and Champagne Glasses – Do you remember that moment when as a child you sipped alcohol and made faces at each other – “Ughh, I am never having it again!” Well, time flies and tastes change. Raise a toast to your bond with our stunning collection of wine and champagne glasses. The florid designs render a flawless modern profile with balanced hues that are contemporary in compositions, transforming any event into an exquisite celebration. We’re sure that your brother will love this set!

6.Passport Cover – Considering the history of your brothers’ carelessness, you know he is definitely going to need this when he’s flying for his fancy vacation. With interesting designs, we are sure he would love to get some lime light with our passport covers. You also shop for travel accessories for his travel.

7.Briefcase Bag – You will love this stylish bag for your brothers’ sense of style. The colour palette, modish formation and abstract influence will make these laptop bags, a literal inspiration to your daily existence. Up for grabs at affordable prices and irresistible discounts, these designer laptop bags and briefcases for men, are one of the fastest moving items at India Circus. So, how about you gift these to your beloved brother?

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