7 Home Décor & Wallpaper Inspirations you can’t miss

7 Home Décor & Wallpaper Inspirations you can’t miss

Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end revamp of your interiors, or you’re just looking to give your space an easy decorative upgrade, we are sure you have spent quite some time hunting the internet for inspiration. That being said, you might have stumbled upon many ideas that you loved, but ignored because they seemed heavy on the pockets.

We believe that anyone under the sun can have an inviting home if they want one. At India Circus, we create a merger of contextual Indian art and home decor solutions to give your space a functional and decorative overhaul. Even if you’re pinching rupees, there is a lot you can do to up your home game. The first step of-course to clean your home and get organised. This step alone will significantly improve the quality of your home. With years of expertise in home design and decor.

1.Wage with Wallpapers 

Much loved in the 70’s, wallpapers are making a strong comeback. With the resurgences of all things retro, including printed upholstery and neon, it’s not surprising that wallpapers are finding their way back into the decorative mix. An easy way to break a rooms monotone, wallpapers can flood a space with personality and character. In an array of designs that conceptualise and contextualise contemporary India, our Wallpapers are an easy way to add an exquisite Indian touch to your home space. To complement our printed wall tapestry, we suggest simple clean lines in your furniture.

We’ve got all kinds of decorative wallpapers to let your walls speak for themselves. Let your wall tell a story with our range of Wallpapers. So, bring home those fascinating walls with rich India art. Krsnaa Mehta and Marshalls have drawn a few drops from the ocean of India art to revolutionise wall coverings design.

2.Floral Patterns

Indulge in Floral Prints to reflect serenity into your space. An abundance of flora lends your space a vibrant appeal. Florals are really having a moment right now, and people are finding innovative ways to incorporate them with pops of colour.

3.Dive into Architectural Composition

Explore wallpapers that thrive on architectural and floral elements. An architectural composition deluges subtle novelty to your space, and makes for a strong style statement. A repeat of Tiger Prints lends this decorative wallpaper design a subtle but prominent Indian touch.

4.Decor plates that talk art

It took plates a long time before they were thought of as art. Decor plates are a great way to enhance your space design. With lavish designs smeared across the face of iron plates, these designer platters are sure to turn heads of every guest. Portraying many Indian compositions, these offer a defining contribution to your room’s interior design. Masterpieces such as these can be mounted on walls or placed on stands for display.

5.Immerse your dinners in Art

Displaying functional art to you dining table can transform your space into an area of appreciation.  Explore rich designs in dinner table accessories like tumblers, cutlery, crockery and dinnerware. Let art guide your table setting.  Pay attention to the details. Table and kitchen linen, like coasters, runners and kitchen aprons can all come together to create an accentuated appeal to your overall home decorative.

6.Explore Figurines & Statues

Figurines and statues are a bold way to make a statement about your taste and style sensibility. Carved intricately and available in different colours, we have a variety of designs to suit your home theme.

7.Play with Lights

Inspired by Moroccan design, our lanterns are a perfect fit to style your modern home decor. Moroccan shapes and designs styled in lattices by skilled artisans bring bright, magnetic vibrancy to your space.  With designs that draw inspirations from ancient Roman, Persian and Greek art, these can be hung or displayed on table tops. Explore the entire range of decorative lanterns at India Circus and add this piece of décor to your home.

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