7 Quick Decor Tips To Brighten Up Your Monsoons

7 Quick Decor Tips To Brighten Up Your Monsoons

Finally, the monsoon is here to rescue us from the harsh summer waves. But it is also that time of the season when the grey weather starts to take a toll on our spirits. The gloominess of the surroundings can be boring. So what is the way to brighten up your boring monsoons? Change the overall mood with some quick and easy monsoon home decor for a colorful and elegant monsoon. 

Monsoon Makeovers: 7 Monsoon Decoration Ideas

Monsoon Makeovers: 7 Monsoon Decoration Ideas

Feeling dampened by the gloomy home decor? Do you really wish to spice up home decor? It’s the time of the year to switch to some interesting monsoon home decor. Follow these  7 quick monsoon home decoration ideas and sprinkle the charm of monsoon all through your home!

1. Splash the colors of Rainbows with color pop cushions

Splash the colors of Rainbows with color pop cushions

Don’t let the grey cushions ruin your mood. Bring in the coziness of the rain and the colors of rainbows to your indoors. Ditch the boring cushions with colorful cushions and add a colorful ambiance to your indoors. Go for vibrant colors like bright pink, turquoise, citrus, and deep red. Changing your gloomy cushion covers with this colorful and chic cushion cover is the quick and the easiest decoration tip, that can have a huge impact on your living space. With amazing floral prints and classy geometric patterns, these cushion covers add extra beauty to your indoors. 

2. Wrap the windows in love with sheer Curtains

Wrap the windows in love with sheer Curtains

Monsoon is the season of dampness. It is a great time to ditch your heavy curtains with sheer and soft curtains. A sheer curtain would be a wonderful monsoon home decor that can create magic in your living area. Monsoon often traps the sunlight. Why bring the greys indoors when you can let the teeny tiny sunlight with these sheer curtains? The sheer curtains not only let in the sunlight but also change the overall look of your indoors. This would be the perfect find for your boring monsoon mood. 

3. Scented sensation, the candles for your mood


Everyone loves rain. But who loves the musty smell? Don’t invite the unpleasant odor into your home. 

Place some scented candles and light them to spread the aroma and warmth of cozy rain into your living space. A good scented candle can help you soothe the senses and fill the air with a pleasant ambiance to lift your mood.  

4. Trap the dirt with floor mats

Trap the dirt with floor mats

Don’t let the rain ruin your indoors. Trap the dirt and mud outside using sturdy door mats. This is the utmost important monsoon home decor to look for.  Opt for door mats made of choir that can easily trap the dirt. Instead of plain floormats choose floormats with quirky prints and designs to enhance the overall look. Choose dark colors that not only conceal the mud but also add an aesthetic feel to your home. Also, replace your boring floor-covering rugs with trendy floor rugs to add extra color to your living area. 

5. Say Goodbye to drips and drops with a classic umbrella stand

Say Goodbye to drips and drops with a classic umbrella stand

Whats monsoon without umbrellas? But worried about the raindrops being carried inside? It’s the ideal time to invest in a classic umbrella stand. This would not only keep your home mess-free but also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your entrance. This would also help your guests to keep their umbrellas outside. So get yourself a classic umbrella stand along with an elegant umbrella to dance and sing in the rain. Decor the umbrella stand with colorful umbrellas for a fun monsoon decor.

6. Incorporate Warmth with warm lights

Incorporate Warmth with warm lights

Looking for one of the coziest decorating tips? Well, it’s here. Get rid of the monsoon darkness with warm lights. Elevate your mood with the designer warm lights. A proper installation of lights can give an ambiance to your home and keep your rooms warm and cozy even on the rainiest days. Get some cool table lamps to decorate your indoors and add extra elegance and warmth to your rooms. 

7. Bring monsoon to your bedrooms

Bring monsoon to your bedrooms

This monsoon decoration idea is for one who is so much in love with the rainy season, and who likes to keep the natural vibe within their bedroom. Get yourself some cool and vibrant rainy day-inspired wallpapers. For extra coziness get home some vibrant and comfortable bed covers. With the perfect table lamp by your side, the rainy day will be magical in your bedroom. 

Other than these tips, you can enhance the monsoon with some cool DIY home decor, add some greens to your indoors with some indoor plants, perfect time to hang the wind chimes for the rain symphonies.

Brightening up your i ndoors this monsoon is easy with these tips. Enjoy the cool breeze inside and snuggle in the coziness of the rain with these perfect monsoon home decors.  

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FAQs About 7 Quick Decor Tips To Brighten Up Your Monsoons

How do I make my house monsoon-ready?

  • Always be ready to welcome the unexpected monsoon showers.
  • Varnish your furniture to avoid damage due to humidity.
  • Keep humidifiers to check the dampness and temperature.

How to keep your home fresh in the monsoon?

  • It is advisable to keep the windows open to let the natural light
  • Get some scented candles to keep the room odor-free

How to keep a room warm during the rainy season?

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