7 Ways To Redo Your Home In An Inexpensive Manner

7 Ways To Redo Your Home In An Inexpensive Manner

As a homeowner, you must be aware of the expenses it takes to renovate and maintain your home. This results in not being able to output desired efforts and leaves you feeling dissatisfied and dry. When we look at lavish homes with the most stylish upholstery and interiors, the first thing most of us think is “I wish I was rich enough for a house like that.” Well, now why wait to be rich, when you can get your dream home today, without the extra costs! We all want a house that screams style and luxury, and it’s only a matter of how we can do that with a limited amount of funds while making sure the methods are effective. Every situation differs, but there are a few key affordable renovation ideas to transform your home, which in turn will improve your space as well as boost the value of it. These ideas are a mix of do-it-yourself projects as well as inexpensive methods which make your home a more comfortable and desirable place to reside in while providing you with the perfect combination of style and cosy. Some won’t even require hiring an expensive contractor! Are you ready for a more positive safe haven? Let’s have a look at this list curated by India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta, for some ways to redo your home in the most affordable, yet charming manner:


1. Clever Storage Space – By clever storage space, we mean minimalist design, maximum storage! This kind of design when done right can create the most beautiful outcome, and it also makes way for a ton of space in smaller rooms. You can get your own shelving unit made with intrinsic design, while also ensuring maximum space with a number of shelves. This can be done with elevated shelves, stacked on top of the other, or shelves joined diagonally in stylish patterns. Wooden shelves have a charm of their own and imagine having one in your living room or bedroom area, to store books, magazines, or simple upholstery that will brighten up the space.

2. Compartmentalize – Upgrade your bed with convenient storage compartments. These can be under your bed or on the side of it and are a major trend in today’s day. Such a thing can be incredibly rewarding, as it takes up the same space in your room all the while giving you added compartments for storage! Say goodbye to clutter and say hello to open spaces! When it comes to your closet, you can add more shelves, hangers, and hooks, and also tiny storage boxes to store random objects! While being inexpensive, they add more functionality and make your space more attractive. 

3. Add Some Mirrors – Though most of us won’t admit it, we’re all a little self-obsessed and catch ourselves taking a look at our reflection whenever we cross a mirror. And why shouldn’t we? It’s extremely fun to look at yourself, and that’s exactly what can give your home the fun aspect it needs. Mirrors are convenient and extremely stylish, with functionality like no other. Add some life-sized mirrors in your bedroom to face the window, as the light reflected can also make the room appear larger and more open than it actually is. It’s also practical, as looking at your reflection while getting ready is a must unless you’d like a mishap. You can also add mirrors to your closet doors, which saves space, and again adds a layer of style. 

4. Lighting – Nothing affects the appearance of your space more than the lighting of it. While being inexpensive, you can install light fixtures that have a little more zest than your current ones. This can be in the form of lamps, lanterns, or even a bunch of candles to set some mood lighting. Scented candles also add fragrance to your room, giving it a more cosy feel. 

5. A Good Paint Job – The easiest and most inexpensive way to transform the look of your space is by giving it a good paint job. You can add some bright colours to give the room a more cheery feel, or subtle neutral colours for some calm and peace. Dark colours add a layer of mystery and elegance. You can also use stencils to create patterns with the paint, which saves the cost of wallpapers and also lets you create a pattern that you desire! And then there’s also our range of wallpapers which are custom-sized as per your wall which you can opt for!

6. ColourPop – We realise we always give light to colour pop, but we have a reason for it! Colour pops can add an element of cheer and joy to an otherwise mediocre space. If your room is missing some colour, all you need to do is add a few colourful accents, which are cost-effective and extremely appealing. You can do this with our India Circus accents, or simply add some artwork to the walls. 

7. A Simple Rug – It’s fascinating how one simple piece of upholstery can change the entire look of your room. Rugs can be expensive, but here’s where your DIY skills can come into play. Create your very own statement piece with a simple patterned fabric of your choice and some scissors. Shape your fabric in your desired way, and you can have your very own home rug. If you don’t want to make it at home, you can opt for these cost-effective India Circus floor coverings

We hope these ideas found you well. For more ideas to updo your home, you can click here

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