8 Luxurious ways to decorate your Next Brunch

Brunch is a get together that happens between breakfast and lunch, usually at noon. Now you must be accismus towards Brunches but they are cute, filled with pastries and snacks and sweets and drinks of all sorts. So the question is how can you make brunches more exciting?

With India Circus, you can create your own brunch space. A comfort space for the pre-Brunch talks or the post-brunch gossip, we have every intention to make your brunch fantastic. 

The wait is finally over, now we unveil the secrets to the best ideas for brunch, ever.

Let people go Gaga with Grey Floral Galore

Brunches are filled with Pink, pink pastries and quiches are a go to snack, so why not add some more drama with Pink? Though shades of Pink are a cute style for your next Brunch idea. Use the curtains to add a tinge of pink to your already pink party. 

Use Plants!

Plants create a vibe of the jungle and who doesn’t love dining with nature? Make it bright with lamps from India Circus and add table mats and runners too! The table becomes an important zone while having a party which mainly focuses on food. Adding plants to your table decorations not just enhances the experience but also helps you focus. 

Bring Botanical Styles

Brunches are a fun way to just enjoy the slow day, adding Biophilic designs makes it playful. India Circus creates magical designs which are inspired by nature be it birds, butterflies, blossoms or just intricate patterns where nature is a conscious part of each product. 

Get yourself a pretty tray table

Tray tables are multi-utility tables. They are the best way to showcase your sense of style and some teapots and tea cups to pair with your serveware. India Circus has both! Check out our trays and cups and be baffled.


Brunches without sweets and pastries are like food without salt. Pastries are a necessity for brunches as it can be an ice breaker, or a topic for conversations and what’s better than the Cake stands from India Circus for your gorgeous pastries? Now you can just choose one flavor or just add as many flavors of cakes you want to. 


Now since Miley Cyrus is in the news, Let’s talk about flowers, not the song! Cut flowers are amazing for any decoration ideas. Tulips, Amaryllis and Lilies are huge blossoms with a subtle sense and if you want your flowers to stand out go bold by getting some bright roses and red tulips and purple gomphrena on top of a stick and you will be outstanding. 


Now, you must be thinking why would I need candles in broad daylight, after all it’s brunch! Hear us out, candles are evergreen and scented candles are a sweet way to improve moods. Happy people lead to a positive atmosphere and loads of ideas can be shared. Plus you can always gift candles.

Return Gifts 

Now as a good host, we don’t really expect gifts but it is important that we give them with a parting present. It could be anything, small figurines, maybe a mug? Or just a notebook with regards from your end.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go get started and go shopping! Your Brunch ideas needs channelizing to create the most mesmerizing effect on your guests. Comment below to let us know how have you done it before and suggest more ideas!

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