A Guide To Choosing Artwork For Your Home

A Guide To Choosing Artwork For Your Home

Artwork can make or break an interior space, so it is important to understand the role art plays in any space, be it your living room or your bedroom. Knowing how to choose art for your home can have the right and desired impact . When it comes to designing the interiors of your house and even outdoor , artwork is often treated as an afterthought. When chosen tactfully, art has the ability to transform a space and pervade it with your personality.

While there are no set rules for adorning a home as the options are limitless, the major approach to select wall art is by its colour, the first being the use of accent hues. Select a colour or two that are already present in the room and let this be the guide to the art you go with. This creates consistency, sophistication and a contemporary result. It is best to play with lighter shades and tones of these colours to add depth without straying too far away from your existing colour palette.

1. Invest in pieces you love

A work of art needs to speak to you, to inspire you, to motivate you and move you every single day – you need to feel it. While designing your home, you would have most likely established style and point of view already, so when selecting wall art, you’ll want to weigh this up and determine how your new purchase will fit into your space. 

2. Select wall art by the theme
The theme of your home determines which pieces fit and which ones stand out like a sore thumb, so it’s possibly the most important consideration to make when shopping for a new piece. Source and select your new art pieces based on the theme of your house or room, and you simply cannot fail. Each style has its influences and manifests in different furniture and homewares pieces, so chances are that when you think of your home’s style, you can probably call to mind a few art choices that are indicative of this. The Passerine Calling Canvas Wall Art is a depiction of birds perched on embellished branches with flowers and moths making fleeting appearances, this piece of art will be the talking point in your house. Framed in pinewood, it makes for the theme for your living room. 

3. Choose art to suit a particular space in your home

The function of the room hosting the artwork is something which should always be considered. It is common to display the main pieces of their collections in the living room Since the birth of the modern home, living rooms are where the family gets together and where guests are entertained, making them the best places to showcase the richness and eclecticism of one’s art collection. In this, Entrancing Forestry Canvas Wall Art, the peacock and monkeys catch the onlooker’s attention. Framed in pinewood, this canvas wall art will garner all the attention at your family get togethers. For the bedroom, more intimate works are advisable, such as pieces that have a special connection – perhaps a souvenir from an unforgettable journey, or even a gift for a special occasion would brighten up the space. 

Mix it up

Play around with styles. While traditional art can complement a traditional space, try using a modern art piece to bring a fresh new look to your house. Your home should be bright and welcoming and one must always take advantage of its styling potential. The Teal Leprechaun Decorative Wooden Mask handcrafted by artisans, can be easily hung on the wall. The artwork and carvings on the mask are impeccable, offering a perfect finish to the wall decor. Whether you want a room that is classic or modern, hanging art showcases your unique style. You can add dimension to your space by using varied wall art finishes and textures.

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