A Guide to Making Your Home the Perfect Spring Summer Abode

A Guide to Making Your Home the Perfect Spring Summer Abode

Summers are here and along with vacations and bright blooms, we also bear the wrath of the scorching heat. Home becomes a haven for escape and tranquility apart from introducing newer color palettes and freshness to welcome the change. India Circus has just the tips, tricks and accessories to make your homes aesthetically summer proof with a touch of Indian designs.

Floor Decor 

Largely the last to be spruced, a small rug or a large floor cushion could dramatize and liven your floors. The Chevron Melavo Fabric Rug with blue-toned chevron adds a soothing color palette. With a rich look and design, the upholstery is bold and appealing. 

Not only floral but animal prints and tropical prints can be a playful touch. You can also add a colorful and quirky doormat outside the house to create a sense of excitement for all coming in!

Sip it like it’s hot!

One should have eight glasses of water – says everyone but more often than not, we tend to grab a glass or bottle only when parched. Create a fun hydration corner or spot with pretty yet good for you copper bottles and glassware. 

Ditch the mundane full metal glassware and opt for Grey Floral Copper Jug Sets Bird Land Copper bottles and colourful patterned River Bank Silvassa Copper Tumblers to make every sip refreshing and working for you. 

Sweet Summer Dreams

A cosy comfortable bed with fresh sheets, airy pillows and clement sweet fragrances like Pear Pardine Gleam Small Brass Candle Votive will set the mood just right before bedtime. Classic Floral Dohar is soft, cosy and light enough for all seasons. The design on this hand block printed dohar features a classic floral star with a contemporary outlook and pleasant colours. It also features pattern print. Along with clean sheets, a stack of vibrant  Indigo Mayhem Satin Blend Cushion Covers will make your bed the most comfortable place to get your good night’s sleep. 

Cool Corners

Corners can make spaces inviting and spacious when done right. One can play with colors and accents to match the mood. Colours and patterns trending this season can be the perfect addition . The Warbled Verdure Tray Table with some home accent artefacts will elevate your corner to look sophisticated and charming. 

Not only summers but your home should look and feel beautiful throughout the year. Colors and patterns add up to the versatility of your home elevating it to look like a perfectly designed space. The best way to usher summers in will also be to add fresh flowers, lovely fragrances and soothing color palettes with wallpapers. 

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