A Guide to the Perfect Housewarming Gift

A Guide to the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Do you know someone who just moved into a new house, but you have no idea what to give them? It’s time to surprise them with a personal housewarming present. We all know the stress that comes with moving somewhere new, so it’s always nice to get a little gift at the end of all your hard work. The best housewarming gifts are practical, thoughtful and chic. From kitchen essentials to home decor, candles, comforters and more, we got you covered to help usher in your friend/family’s new beginning. There are endless trinkets and decorative figurines that both enhance a space and are functional. You don’t have to spend the equivalent of a house to help your friend cozy up their space.

Kitchen Essentials:

A chopping board can be a thoughtful, yet useful gift. While you can use it to cut your veggies, it can double up as a charcuterie board to lay bread, cheese or crackers taking their welcome dinner to a new level. 

On a similar note, serving platters are an essential in every household, and what’s better than one designed to the nines to hold your array of scrumptious snacks.

Considering your friend will be hosting numerous get togethers to welcome people into their new abode, they may be in need of new crockery. A beautifully crafted Natures Essence Paradise dinner set designed with beautiful flower motifs is the perfect colourful chic and stylish addition to the table. 

Along with crockery, new mugs to sip morning coffees or night teas are a global favourite. 

A chic copper water dispenser can be a stylish and functional gift. Our Parrots of the Night dispenser featuring green parrots perched on branches with vibrant flowers, add in some lemons or strawberries and your friend can make their own fruit infused water, ready for all to drink through the day. If they enjoy hosting parties, shot glasses will be a playful gift they will definitely appreciate 🙌. 


From vanilla to lavender and fresh cut roses, gifting your friend a candle is the perfect way to warm up their new space. Look through our array of numerous scents and shapes to help bring light and warmth to your friend’s new house. 

Decorative pillows are always a good way to spruce up any room, with a range of colours and designs to choose from, you can find one that adheres to your friends’ taste for a personal yet practical present. 

Plain walls are boring walls. We’ve all walked into someone’s house for the first time and were absolutely captivated by a stunning piece of art hanging on their walls. Give your friend a fresh piece of artwork to help them adorn their walls. If they are a fan of floral prints, the Oriental Jibe Canvas will please them while bringing life into their house with vibrant flower colours against a motif-led background. 

If wall decor isn’t something your friend likes, they may appreciate a decorative accent figurine like this set of Neon Pink Owl figurines, or Pattachitra Art Tangerine cow, to place on a table in the living room to give it a splash of colour.

No matter what you give your friend, they will be deeply appreciative, but there’s nothing better than receiving a thoughtful, beautiful and useful gift to begin a new journey. Use this list to help narrow down your options and give your friend something they will love and use daily. 

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