A Little Birdy Graced Us: Addition Of The Bird Motif

A Little Birdy Graced Us: Addition Of The Bird Motif

Birds have a long and colorful history as a decorative motif – from cave paintings and ancient hieroglyphs to medieval tapestries and ornate Victorian wallpapers. These beautiful creatures have graced homes with their elegance for many centuries, and will always have their own special place in the world of interior design.

Charming and timeless bird motifs have always been a popular design when decorating our homes. Returning as far back as the late 16th century, the first bird wallpaper designs arrived featuring an assortment of exotic birds elegantly balanced in shrubs and trees. The accuracy and sophistication of their designs made them a highly sought after interior decoration that sparked our love affair with these feather friends that has carried to this day.

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For innovative and beautiful designs to suit our modern homes, teams have one foot placed firmly in the present as the other is set immovably in the past. Delving into archives of original drawings from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, brands are looking back to much- loved designs and re-imagining them to suit the lifestyles and fashions of today. You can incorporate bird imagery into your home and life to express the qualities you want to cultivate. Some of our favorite ways to include bird symbols into the home are:

  • Wallpapers- Bird motifs are flying onto fabrics and wallpapers. Infuse your space with the vibrancy of the Fluttering Feathers Envisage Wallpaper. The design on this range envisages a free movement of many pollinating birds and their consequent blossoms. It’s a distinctive style and bright and airy colourways make it the perfect wallpaper to bring a slice of this paradisal garden into your home.
  • Trivet Set- An essential tool not only for putting hot plates of food on, but also for brightening up a dinner table, a trivet should perform well both in terms of form and function. Add this Bird Land Trivet Set to your table setting. This perfect product will protect the table from heat damage. Made of MDF, it has a perfect finish with a design reflecting art in the truest sense with its portrayal of a picturesque melange of birds, flowers and butterflies wandering in nature.
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  • Storage Box- Ever dreamed of a chirping bird coming with your jewels as you get ready? Well, now you can live that fairy tale a little closely with the Bird Land Round Storage Box With birds flying all over the design, this jewellery box is definitely a dreamy one. The design also witnesses the romance of the birds and flowers. It has very pretty engravings which makes it more attractive to store your accessories.
  • Tray Table- From breakfast in bed to serving party drinks, the tray table is perfect both beside your bed and in the living room. The Bird Land Tray Table is a wonderful addition to make use of the neglected corners. Made of teak wood, this foldable tray table is a unique space-saving solution for a modern Indian home. Moreover, its playful design portrays a picturesque melange of birds, flowers and butterflies wandering in nature. It is most definitely a must have for your new places.
  • Wooden Bench- Minimalist sitting units such as Benches & Stools that add beautiful accents to any room. Spruce up an additional place near the dining table or dead spot that requires attention, with these meticulously sculpted Bird Land Wooden Bench. Made from sheesham wood, it has a perfect lacquer finish with a pretty digital print.  Urging a sense of drama and geometricity across, this will allude to symmetry and balance to ultimately create cohesive compositions.
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