Add a Touch of Traditional Warmth to Your Space

Add a Touch of Traditional Warmth to Your Space

As traditional details make a huge comeback this year, we see a surge in demand for a touch of rustic with the contemporary to adorn spaces. . The combination of lights, curtains, wall adornments and rugs with accents can stand firm as a conjuncture of timeless luxury and sophistication. 

Traditional design is to not be confused with ‘archaic’. It can be deciphered as vintage and memorable. Granny chic is one such revival started by the Grand Millennials that incorporate modern elements with antique designs. The Ottomans are a fine example of that. Romantic hues, elegant motifs, and superlative compositions come together to conceive the Red Paradise line of pouffe ottoman stools by India Circus. This ottoman features an upholstered/printed fabric top and is held on a wooden base. Lightweight and compact, ottoman footstools can be easily moved around as well as take less space.

Walls play a major role in bringing harmony to any home and space. Using traditional motifs such as floral, stripes, chevron and much more, one can dive into a traditional look without needing to alter any other parts of the room The Shimmering Scriptures of the Jaguar assortment by India Circus is one such composition that uses beautiful heritage symbolism with the jaguar in pristine colors.

Throwing in some artifacts in one corner along with lowlights can be an instant mood lifter and pivotal space in your room.  The key is to find a balance between how and how many? Artifacts are portals that lead to different eras. Some artifacts mingle effortlessly into your home designs, such as the Masai Throttle Elephant Figurine and Idols. carved with a great level of sharpness, this contemporary piece of artistic wonder is a must-have for your home.

Bar stools nowadays do far more than just offer a butt seat. If you’re aiming for a cozy-meets-elegant vibe from the mid-century era, bar stools can be that little addition to add tradition yet quirk to your space. The Feathered Garden bar stool from India Circus is a perfect addition to accentuate your bar counter and the room it’s attached to. Add elegant wine glasses and a decanter and you are ready to host your perfect house party! Don’t miss the pretty design on the cushion which comes with a powder finish. It showcases a harmony of peach, white and fuchsia blossoms adorned with birds pecking nectar, witnessed by a peacock perched on a branch. 

Think of traditional style as a point of departure rather than an end goal and feel free to mix and match modern elements to add a personal touch to your space.

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