Alphabet Mugs - a way to make your gift more personalized!

Alphabet Mugs - a way to make your gift more personalized!

What do you look for first thing in the morning? Your Phone? The sensible ones look for a Toothbrush. And what would be the second thing after brushing your teeth? A cup of Coffee or Tea to get your day started. 

What if we say that we can make your cup of tea or coffee much more personalized and so that you enjoy your morning beverage with much more enthusiasm? Yes, India Circus with its newest addition to Coffee Mugs, adds a personal touch to it by adding your initials to the Mug!

Let’s take a look at what exactly is stoneware and also walk through some of the amazing designs of these Mugs and adore them!


Known for its high durability, stonewares makes it an amazing pair for your hot beverages. But what is the difference between earthenware, stoneware and porcelain? These terms, though sometimes used interchangeably, are totally different from one another. 

Earthenware are fired at a temperature of <1200℃, and are still quite porous to water. These were the most primitive form of pottery, On the other hand stoneware are fired at temperatures between 1200℃ to 2400 ℃ and are hard, durable and non-porous, resulting in sustainable use of the mugs. 

Lets take a look into some of the designs of our alluring Alphabet Mugs

Vivacious Vinca

Vivacious Vinca, made in stoneware and adorned with the colors of Vinca, brings a soft elegance to life. It is said that People with names starting with V, prefer standing out from the crowd and tread a path made by themselves. The Design includes Vanda, an orchid which is rare and exquisite, The Geese signifies hardworking and dedicated individuals, bringing your friends a vibrant gift.  

Yogic Yields

The elegant Yogic Yield Mug is just an abode to simplicity with beauty. People with their initials with Y are highly ambitious and determined to bring a change. They are budding or already a leader in their respective fields. The Lotus signifies Positivity and rising above the distractions of the world, Bring yourself the calmness of lotuses and the relaxation of yachts! 

Ample Lilies

Fun Loving, Outgoing, Bold if that’s not what people with their name starting with A is, then what else could they be? Canna signifies the bold nature and the ability to outgrow things that holds them back. The Durability of the cups are meant to handle the fierce attitude of them. Bring these alluring Ample Lilies Mug for yourself or for your Mugs. 

Gentle Glory 

The Glorious G’s are shy, secretive but protective of their loved ones. They are gentle but dare not to poke them, their sensitivity cannot be mistaken for weakness. The Gaillardias are bright, and follow Helios i.e. the light forever! Gift the Gentle Glory Mugs to your loved ones and showcase your genuine love for them.

The Alphabet mugs make a personalized gifting idea for others and a personalized accessory for ourselves. The mugs made with stoneware are highly durable and leakproof, unlike earthenware. So what are you waiting for? Bring them Ample, Glorious, Vivacious and Yogic Mugs to your table Now!

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