Who needs a million embellishments for your wall, when one single wall art/poster can do all the talking! Yes, a beautiful piece of wall art/poster can instantly transform the most plain-looking wall, and give it beauty and meaning, too. But, of course, you can’t hang the wall art/poster just about any and everywhere; there are a few things that you must keep in mind before doing so.

Here are some tips that will help you to never go wrong with your wall art and/or poster:

    1. At eye level: Don’t hang the wall art/poster too high. It’s important for the center of the wall art/poster to be at eye level, so that one can see and admire it with ease.
    2. In scale: It’s important that the wall art/poster complements the wall and piece of furniture below it perfectly. Scale and proportion definitely matter. The wall art/poster should be approximately two-thirds the size of the sofa or furniture above which it hangs.
    3. Size matters: See the size of the wall on which you’re placing the frame. Avoid placing a small frame/poster on a huge wall or a large piece on a small wall. You can also create an illusion by placing the wall art correctly. For instance, you can hang wall art pieces vertically above each other to give an illusion of a taller wall and higher ceiling.


  1. Visual balance is key: If you are placing more than one piece of wall art/poster, it is very important to maintain a good visual balance, with symmetrical arrangement, and see that the wall doesn’t look too crowded or jarring. It’s not simply the size of the wall art/poster, but also the balance of the colours that you need to consider while placing pieces on the wall. Even if you are mixing-and-matching other elements, such as wall plates and vases, do so elegantly.
  2. Tell a decorative story: Try and complement the other elements of your hall with the wall art/poster. Bring it all together to reveal a story of beauty and art.

Keep these little tips in mind, and let the walls of your home be canvases of art!


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