As featured Walls Make a Comeback, Here Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind

As featured Walls Make a Comeback, Here Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind

Featured walls can immediately add that much-needed facelift to any room without needing to do the entire upholstery or interiors.  Adding various designs to your walls can effortlessly add to the whole look with a few smart tricks and hacks. Pick from wallpapers to wooden tiles or even paint splatter, there is a variety of options to suit your budget and mood. 

At India Circus, we list down some tried and tested tricks to add a dash of art and luxury to your walls.

Ditch the blacks, whites and beiges

Feature walls need colour to add a statement of art to your space. Experiment with block colours and multicoloured/ textured wallpapers which stand out without needing any additional accessories. One can choose between light or warm colours depending on how much sunlight you get or the space you have. Do not hesitate to play with bold colours. The Flora Crest of the High Flower is one such design that features a patterned backdrop overlaid with floral motifs and peacock prints. The colours used are earthy and will lend your space a distinct sense of style. 

Surround yourself with Flora and Fauna

Living among lush greens and blooming plants sounds like the perfect harmony to balance your home. The reality may be smaller apartment homes or just not enough hands for real maintenance. One can then get a feel of this by creating a larger than life illusion of an enchanted forest complete with birds, foliage and more by wallpapers  – Birdwatcher Dreams Wallpaper which is not only low on maintenance but also lend an ethereal touch to a regular room.   From windowsills to gazebos, the composition of this modern wallpaper design depicts every junction that might fit in as a birdwatcher’s seat. Floral motifs, with lavish use of colours and patterns, lend this wallpaper design an exceedingly vibrant appeal. 

Add a touch of royalty 

Give any room a royal uplift by combining jewel tones with yellow low hanging lights and floating tables.  The Timid Royalty – Misty Wallpaper is the right royal experiment for your walls.  The architectural and floral indulgence, recurring tiger motifs lends this contemporary wallpaper a subtle but prominent Indian touch. The use of gilded glassware, coloured napkins and candles will complete the look of that room without much change to your existing designs. 

A little history…a little play!

What better way to say you like history without ‘saying’ you like history.  The Fort City of Mandu Wallpaper is one such eye-catching wallpaper that works with intricate minute detailing. The design of this wallpaper illustrates the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu. Mandu is an ancient fort city in India. The striking colors, motifs and depictions can create a dramatic yet seamless play on your wall. Combine this with subtle colors on the adjacent walls and a giant carpet to complete the look of the room. 

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