Authentic, Bold and Comfortable - The ABCs of Home Decor

Authentic, Bold and Comfortable - The ABCs of Home Decor

Home is where you feel comfortable, where you are just yourself and no one can take that away. Maybe you are just tired inhaling and trying to keep the paunch in during your office hours, or just too uncomfortable sitting on those hard base, no lumbar support chairs in offices but at the end of the day, at home you can just be you and it is really important that you feel the “vibe”, you feel the comfort where you can just melt away. 

We at India Circus have created a beautiful addition to bring authenticity along with comfort for your living spaces, our Cushion Covers are just the right thing for you. Hold them, lose yourself and find the meanings in what you have always desired. 

Source: Evas Blog

Historically, Silk and Velvet were first found in ancient China and Egypt and soon Europe became the mecca for trade of silk. Trades throughout the world were undertaken via the silk routes. Velvet quickly became the most traded, expensive and a symbol of status for many kingdoms during the Renaissance, incorporated in royal gowns and hosiery. 

India Circus Cushion Covers are made with high quality blended taffeta silk and blended velvet to bring royalty to your homes, the designs so perfectly delineated to match your personality and make your house, a home and a place to be awestruck.  

Mystifying Dazzle

Mystifying Dazzle Velvet Rectangle Cushion Cover

If you are Cleopatra donned in gold and courage, Mystifying Dazzle is something that would bring elegance to your kingdom. With colors that remind us of ancient Egypt and feels just like home. The warm and bright colors are soothing and also energize your brain. So, get ready to conquer the world again Cleopatra! 

Lakeside Crane Flight

Lakeside Crane Flight Cushion Cover

Birds of Flight cushions are nothing but a sheer resemblance of power wrapped with loads of affection. You are made to soar high in the skies, and you decide the color of your sky, be in red, peach, blue or pink, You are the master of your ship and you have the power to influence your mind.

Poppy Bird Land

Poppy Bird Land Blended Velvet Cushion Cover from India Circus

Poppy Bird Land Velvet Cushion Covers are inspired by nature and intends to inspire you as well. With Papaver are Birds the Cushion Covers are surely an inspiration for many like us. Or maybe if you are the King of solace and “blues” is what you cherish, Kaleidoscopic Treasure is for you and vivid views. The color pallet ranging from subtle to undaunted, assures pleasure to the designer in you. The elegant design not only challenges you to find true meaning but also allows you to be a free thinker.

With numerous designs to chose from Cushion Covers from India Circus are a must have, the colors are numerous and you will be at awe and lost in the comfort of the fabrics of blended tafetta silk and blended velvet. The are surely to attract attentio

 As Jon Franklin rightly says -“Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance“, it is your time to revamp your space with the most alluring designed Cushions Covers from India Circus

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