Award-Winning Home Decor Expert in India: Krsnaa Mehta

Award-Winning Home Decor Expert in India: Krsnaa Mehta


In the world of Home decor, where creativity meets functionality, Krsnaa Mehta who gave a new face to home decor emerges as a leader in Indian Home Decor space. Krsnaa Mehta, India Circus – A Godrej venture’s creative director and founding partners home is a representation of a visual masterpiece with a vibrant charm and rich hues of colors. He got his Lego piece together to simplify and build a masterpiece with his brains. With his designs and creativity, he never fails to fascinate us!

Why is Krsnaa Mehta an inspiration?

Why is Krsnaa Mehta an inspiration?

Are you curious about where a career in interior design will take you? If so, then look no further. We have got our award-winning expert Krsnaa Mehta, to get inspired and follow his path to success. He is a prominent designer with innovations renowned for seamlessly blending the realm of art and design. He has set an example in the field of Home decor and stands as an expert. It is rightly said that Krsnaa Mehta took the standards to a level higher and also inspired the new generations of designers with his work to understand the crossover of culture, and art with its innovation.

He experiments with bold colors to bring a mixture of Indian and Western influences.

What is Krsnaa Mehta’s Design Philosophy?

What is Krsnaa Mehta’s Design Philosophy?

Krsnaa Mehta’s design philosophy is about letting the world know about India’s culture and heritage of tradition. He blends his designs with tradition and modernity. His ideas encapsulates craftsmanship, authenticity, and innovations to reflect his passion for aesthetics, functionality, and cultural resonance. Krsnaa Mehta believes in creating designs that narrates a story by itself. He never fails to attract us with his vibrant choice of colors, bold patterns, and inheritance of tradition with modernity. To all home decor enthusiasts, without any doubt opt for his designs or choices which make you more enthusiastic.

Tips to be inspired by Krsnaa Mehta’s work- interior design ideas for home decor:

Initiate your ideal home renovation, whether it’s your kitchen, living space, bedroom, dining space, or other areas, making simple changes like warm tones, motifs, decor pieces, and nesting tables transform the aesthetics of your space. 

To all home decor enthusiasts let’s see some choices of Krsnaa Mehta for interior design ideas for home decor to feel awestruck:

1. The Mix of bold patterns and vibrant colors:

The Mix of bold patterns and vibrant colors:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors or patterns. It helps in creating eye-catching designs. Try infusing floral prints with geometric patterns, mixing traditional textiles like ikat or kalamkari, and block prints with modern fabrics or designs for creative designs that add a new dimension to your work.    

2. Create a Gallery Wall:

Create a Gallery Wall

It is mandatory to allocate a wall for your gallery, which brightens the gloss and appearance of your space. It also helps in portraying your personality and interests. This wall can be featured with art, photographs, plates, and other decorative pieces. Mix and Match the frame sizes and shapes with similar finish to add extra elegance.

3. Playing with colors:

Playing with colors:

Aren’t you wondering about the color choices of Krsnaa Mehta? Just look at how he has played with colors. Use unique colors to set the mood and ambiance of your room. Try adding prints and wallpapers for more attraction, which also enhances the look.

Isn’t it inspiring? Obviously, yes and that’s why no doubt, Krsnaa Mehta is an award winning home decor expert in India. His creativity and innovation in design left us awestruck. How mindful and unique his patterns and choices are! He has given us great choices for beautiful home decor.

So all new generation designers Just go ahead and do innovations out of his inspiration to become home decor experts.

Click the link to explore more such designs of Krsnaa Mehta: India Circus – Krsnaa Mehta

FAQs About Krsnaa Mehta

1. What makes Krsnaa Mehta, an award-winning home decor expert?

It’s no surprise that Krsnaa Mehta – India Circus is an award winner in home decor because of his unique style of blending creativity and innovations. He has a great understanding of design principles which makes him stand out from the crowd. Through his work, he has taken the standards of the home industry a step ahead. His designs are not only known for being visually stunning but also for their functionality, showing his keen attention to every detail.  

2. What is Krsnaa Mehta’s design philosophy?

In simple terms, Krsnaa Mehta’s design philosophy revolves around celebrating India’s rich heritage culture. It can be said that Krsnaa Mehta aspires to take Indian contemporaries to the world. To showcase culture, tradition, art, and aesthetics of diversity with innovative designs by infusing modern twists. 

3. How has Krsnaa Mehta’s work inspired the home decor industry in India?

Krsnaa Mehta’s work in the home decor industry has inspired many because of the following factors:

  • Celebrating Indian culture and heritage
  • Fusion of tradition and modernity
  • Incorporating designs with narrations
  • Global Recognition.

 These factors have set a standard for new-generation designers to elevate culture, tradition, and heritage with innovation in designs.

4. How can one become an award-winning home decor expert in India?

Here are tips and tricks to become an award-winning home decor expert inspired by:

  • Learn the history of design
  • Keep yourself updated on current trends in designs
  • Gain experience and build your portfolio and brand
  • Grow your networks and collaborations
  • Take inspiration from Pros
  • Be more creative and innovative
  • Keep your designs more consistent and authentic

5. What suggestions do award-winning home decor experts have for individuals looking to renovate their living space?

Let’s have a look at a few suggestions from home decor pros for renovating the living spaces:

  • Keep it minimalistic and shiny
  • Balance color and tones
  • Have multifunctional furniture
  • Incorporate styles that reflect your personality
  • Consideration of dim lights and warm tones
  • Invest in the quality and sustainability of products
  • Build a raised ceiling
  • Segregate spaces without partition
  • Enhance creativity and innovation
  • Inculcate designer mirrors

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