Beat The Monsoon Blues With These Blue Additions To Your Space

Beat The Monsoon Blues With These Blue Additions To Your Space

We love the respite monsoon showers bring to us after months of sweltering heat. The air is breezy and cool, with moody skies that make us want to lounge all day long. When those showers finally hit and the aroma of petrichor slowly drifts us to our balconies, it feels like surreal bliss.

In one of our previous blogs, we spoke about giving your home decor a much-needed monsoon upgrade. Grey skies and a rather slow routine could result in a slump, something we’d like to stray far away from. It doesn’t take a genius to know that pastels and whites that made our summers oh-so-exciting could very well make our monsoons oh-so-boring.

The answer to this is quite simple. A splash of colour! Bright colours complement the grey skies and add a sense of chicness to your homes in the monsoon season. However, choosing the right colour is the key to inviting some excitement home. If you’re musing about which hue to get home, we’ve got you covered!

Beat the monsoon blues with shades of blue enriching the corners of your abode. One hue that we can never go wrong with. Not only is it vibrant enough to bring in some excitement but it also balances it out with some neutrality. One colour, so many shades! The addition of the colour blue in the nooks of your home add a pop of brightness to otherwise dull corners and make them seem cosier than before. Taking away the seriousness from any room, hues of blue seem to be a stress-buster that bring in waves of serenity. With a plethora of colours in its palette, there’s a shade of blue for all that you want to do.

We, at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have rounded up some of our chicest and most intricately crafted blue picks for your homes that will uplift and excite everyone who sets foot in.

  • Robin Bird Park Pouffe
Buy Robin Bird Park Pouffe from India Circus

With an elegant blue backdrop and geometric latticework, the Robin Bird Park Pouffe features an eco-friendly print consisting of gleeful robin birds and lush palm trees. This multifunctional unit truly adds more bang to your existing decor and can be used as additional seating along with serving as a great decorative accessory. 

  • Blue Lattice Motifs Coffee Mugs
Buy Blue Lattice Motifs Coffee Mugs Set of 6 from India Circus

Taking your coffee-drinking experience to the next level with the Blue Lattice Motifs Coffee Mugs. This range is an ideal conversation starter with its vibrant colour and appealing designs. It features blue lattice motifs with bright red flowers.

  • Aerial Moments Decor Plate
Buy Aerial Moments Decor Plate from India Circus

A perfect addition of drama to your home decor with the Aerial Moments Decor Plate. Crafted using mango wood, it features the whimsical moments of cranes flight splashed in a bright blue background with some serene florals. Whether hung alone or in a group, they will always be a great display of all things glorious pride.

  • Floral Fascination Bed and Table Runner
Buy Floral Fascination Bed and Table Runner from India Circus

Fascinate everyone who sets foot in your sacred space with the Floral Fascination Bed and Table Runner. The soft design on this bedroom runner is brimming with tiled floral and bird motifs which add an extra natural touch. A great pick to add some energy to your room, this runner has a dark teal hue.

  • Ethnic Circles Leather Tray
Buy Ethnic Circles Leather Tray from India Circus

An elegant and picturesque solution to all your storage needs, the Ethnic Circles Leather Tray adds a classical touch and is specially designed for your tiny trinkets. The design on this faux leather tray features ethnic geometrical circles in style. Ideal for sprucing up your vanity and adding some colour to it.

  • Peacock Games Satin Blend Cushion Cover
Buy Peacock Games Satin Blend Cushion Cover from India Circus

With a glittery blue background, dancing peacocks and glittery florals, the Peacock Games Polyester Cushion Cover is certain to give a rain dance to your living room. The colourful and playful throw pillow is a beacon of elegance, subtly placed in your living room. 

Whether that is wanting to instil some richness and refinement in your humble abode or inspiring some energetic vitality into your workspace, this colour can do it all. Use it to add a tropical style to your home or a more traditional one. Blue really is the jack of all trades, isn’t it?

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