Words, such as ‘sweltering’, ‘scorching’, and ‘sizzling’, are synonymous with the summer season. But Summer 2015 promises to be different. This sunny season, it’s all about being ‘cool’, in every sense of the word!

Here’s how you can keep yourself and your home or office looking and feeling ‘cool’ this summer season (without being at the mercy of your air conditioner 24×7!):

  • Sip, sip, and sip some more: Keep yourself hydrated constantly. Keep sipping water, fruit juices and various other cooling liquids. In fact, this isn’t only a good tip for the summers, but is also a great way to keep your skin glowing and your health at its best. Here’s how you can keep sipping in style!
  • Plant trees: By planting leafy trees, you’re not only going to contribute towards making the world a lot more beautiful and greener, but also save yourself from that horrible heat. These natural coolers can shade your home’s or office’s exteriors and also keep the sunlight out of the windows. A good tip is to plant them towards west-facing walls; that is where the sun is the strongest.
    And, just, in case, you don’t want to plant a tree, building an overhead trellis and growing vines on it is also a good idea. These beautiful leafy vines act like deciduous trees.
  • Open the windows: When the temperature outside is lower than what it is inside your home or office, go ahead and open the windows. Don’t forget to do so, especially at night. Cool air will help lower the temperature of your walls, furniture and floors. Creating cross-ventilation is another great idea. Simply open the windows on the opposite sides of your home or office, or perhaps your main door and a window that is right opposite to the door, and experience the difference.
  • Wear light: As cliché as it may sound, wearing light-coloured clothes as well as lighter fabrics are sure to keep the heat at bay. We give you a range of such beautiful clothes this summer.

So, tell the sun to bring it on, coz this summer, it’s all about enjoying the season, going for sun-kissed brunches with your girls, or sitting indoors and having the best time ever!

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