Beautiful Fabrics for DIY..

Beautiful Fabrics for DIY..

The fabrics that adorn the various spaces of your abode carry an unspoken vibe and aura in them. They weave in an engaging theme and angle to the story of your home, and add character too.

How we love it when our friends and guests compliment us for the beautiful upholstery of our furniture…simply because it often echoes our own personal style! Just that one little change in the upholstery fabric can give a total and complete makeover to an entire home…that’s the magic of those colourful threads!

While a stunning and well-complemented upholstery fabric can lift the look of a room, some small but stark mistakes could completely ruin things too. So, here are a few things that you must keep in mind while choosing the fabric:

  • Keep the size of the furniture items in mind. For instance, a fabric with a broad pattern on a small chair cushion is a bad idea. Consider the area of the room. While a large, bold pattern works well in a big room, a more muted or smaller design is a great idea for a smaller room.
  • Colour is the most important aspect of an upholstery fabric. Remember to coordinate the fabric with the colour of the furniture, as well as the other items in the room, such as the curtains, cushions, etc. Also, if it’s for your kids’ room, remember to use softer colours and designs.
  • Do it this way for your favourite furniture pieces….












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