Beautiful table settings for Outdoor Dining

Beautiful table settings for Outdoor Dining

Planning your next outdoor dining? And you keep running out of ideas? Bored of the same old candles and drapes all over the place? India Circus will save you from all the hassle with our secrets to style your table. Never go out of style with these timeless settings and gather all the praise, after all why shouldn’t you? 

Now before diving into the creative ideas to don up your gorgeous table, we would like to hear how you style your table. Sharing ideas helps create more ideas (That’s how it worked in Ancient Greece!) So, scroll to the bottom of this blog and comment your ideas and we will tell you how you can improve or add a touch of your personality. 

Drum rolls! What’s life without a little drama?

You are bold and you are happy with who you are, you own what you do. Who says courage can’t be paired with elegance? With these styles you ought to bring a lot of attention. 

Throw in some Table Runners!

Yes, table runners are timeless and are the most opulent ways to protect your table from any spill damage. They do not have to be boring, nada! India Circus brings you the most elegant and bold table runners which are of high quality and made with blended Taffeta silk or Blended Canvas. These are high in durability and easy to clean. The table runners are absolutely a must have addition for your next table ideas. 

Get some Greenery & Bring some flowers

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Green is the color that soothes your mind, and you don’t really have to go to a florist to get some leaves. Leaves are a sustainable way for decorations and the most beautiful part about leaves is that they change color. They can go from soothing greens to bright yellow to warm Terracotta.

Everyone talks about flowers, but which flowers? Is the question we must ask. 

Now, if you like fragrances one must go for White Tuberoses for the center, some Jasmine next to the plates. And if you are not the one for fragrances, Big blooms of Roses and Orchids to the center of the table and single flowers next to each table will be best suited. 


Dark colored flowers bring a sophisticated and elegant vibe while light colored flowers like yellow lilies and carnations are great for a lighthearted get together.

Cut the flower stem diagonally, so that it absorbs maximum water and add an iota of sugar with coconut oil to keep the flowers fresh and free from fungus!

Mats, Mats and Mats!

Sometimes eating food can be messy and if there are kids, you are definitely going to need Table Mats. Mats safeguards your dishes and tableware and prevents spoiling of your table. Mats from India Circus are just what you need, the designs and quality are par your expectations. You should check out our range of table mats and choose for yourself. 

Placement of your Cutlery

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Now this is an important part for the kind of table setting you plan to have. There are broadly 2 types of Table settings, Casual and Formal. For now, we will just stick to the casual table settings. Grab your pen and book now, this is important!  Plate in the center, Water and wine glasses to the upper right, Spoons and Dinner knife on the right, forks on the left and bread knife with bread plate on the upper left. Phew!

Now we are set, Adding wine glasses to your table gives it a kiss of opulence. Don’t limit yourself to plain wine glasses, bring the most luxurious and out of the box glasses  

Dramatic Ideas !

Now let’s leave the “formality” and get crazy! After all, what’s life without drama? 

Mismatch your napkins, mismatch the plates, mismatch everything, create chaos, make this table setting a time to remember. Or make the whole table monochromatic. You can play with Burgundy and Purple for sophisticated look or Yellow and Greens for the fun vibe. 

And tadaaa! your magical table to hypnotize (figuratively) everyone, is ready! Comment and tell us how you style your table.

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