Best of Indian Decor for Home: Krsnna Mehta's Collection at India Circus

Best of Indian Decor for Home: Krsnna Mehta's Collection at India Circus

If you feel your home is where your heart is, then this is how you have to decorate it to give a soul to your home. Gain Ideas and confidence by stepping into the world of vibrant hues, mixed patterns and rich cultural heritage with Krsnna Mehta’s curated collection of traditional Indian home decor at India Circus, where traditional motifs intertwine with the modern designs. Immerse yourself in the beauty and elegance of Indian culture as we explore the best offerings for your home.

This article gives you a glimpse of Indian decor ideas for your home from the book of Krsnna Mehta the founder and design director of India Circus who is known for his modernizing perfect home decor design patterns.

Luxurious shades of blue:

Whatever we know about modern colour theory, Indian artists have got through it centuries ago. Our color palette is recognised globally for its vibrant and eclectic style. Krsnna Mehta believes that each color can provoke feelings within us. This deep blue rich hues adds depth and luxury to your walls making a perfect style statement for walls. Adding rich silk upholstery fabric to your furniture enhances the royal look of your home. Even curtains in blue do their bit by pitching in classic Indian patterns. Click here India Circus, for more fabric and decors in blue to add a royal and modern touch to your home interiors.

Carved Antique Furnitures and decors:

Carved Antique Furnitures and decors

What’s more Indian than a room full of wooden furniture? Adding handcrafted furniture enhances the elegant grandeur to your room that is unmatched. They add a mystic look to your space. Adding classic silk upholstery in contrast to your interiors and furnitures elevate the royal grandeur and style of your home. This way furniture not only enhances the artistry of your room but also serves a function. For instance you can replace a divan instead of a sofa, ottomans in place of chairs and an elephant wooden bench for tables. You can also opt for latticework partitions to really bring that royal antique tone to your home. Even though it’s fine if you don’t want to extend your furniture! That’s totally fine. You can add printed throws and small accessories to your existing furniture. As for material, wood is not only a timeless choice in traditional Indian home decor ideas, but in Indian culture it also offsets our wide range of colors beautifully. Go through the pictures below for better choices from India Circus.

Indian motifs and Paintings and Wall Art:

Indian motifs and Paintings and Wall Art

Paintings have the magical ability to transform the space much prettier when used. We have a rich tradition in folk arts from the diverse cultures within India. It will surely feel great if you pay homage to the arts by using it in your home for perfect home decor. The beautiful thing about Indian art is you will get to learn the culture from where it originated. You can opt to go for the natural classics with Madhubani or Warli folk art.

Rugs with Indian prints:

Rugs with Indian prints

Spreading out any large piece of fabric is culturally a welcoming sign in Indian Culture followed not only by Indians but globally. Rugs and Carpets play an essential part in Indian house interior design though. Carpets always add coziness and warmth to your room, making it comfortable for kids to play around. It helps you in protecting your feet from the cold floor. Rugs and Carpets with Indian prints help to complement the overall aesthetic of your rooms. Indian rugs are said to be one of the best interior decoration elements.

The Wrap:

Krsnna Mehta’s collection at India Circus features the mix of modern and timeless styles with its Antique decor pieces. He celebrates Indian Decor ideas for its vibrant colors, craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Whether your attention is drawn by Traditional motifs or Contemporary designs, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with this eclectic mix of perfect home decor. With India Circus, you can bring the beauty and vibrancy of India into your home and create a space that truly reflects your unique style and personality. 

FAQ’s About Indian Decor for Home

What makes Traditional Indian home decor unique compared to other styles?

Traditional Indian home decor stands unique for its vibrant coloured hues, intricate patterns and rich cultural heritage. It often features Indian motifs, folk arts inspired by Indian art and architecture making it a timeless appeal. Go for our unique decor and designs by clicking India Circus!

How can I incorporate Indian style home decor into my home if I have a modern or contemporary style?

A mix of traditional and contemporary art pieces or hangings can create a dynamic and visual appeal. You can contribute Indian style to your space by displaying traditional Indian style home decor items, making a gallery art, hanging Indian folk arts and metal or brass decor pieces to add the essence of Indian style touch to your space.

Are there specific regions of India that influence Krsnna Mehta’s collection at India Circus?

India Circus honors and celebrates India through its designs and styles. He draws inspiration from specific places like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra and all of India. Each region has its own unique artistic tradition which is reflected in India Circus products. 

Is Indian home decor suitable for all rooms in the house, or are there specific areas where it works best?

Indian home decor is suitable for all rooms in the house, depending on one’s personal preferences. It helps in achieving the overall aesthetics you wish for. Where vibrant color hues and bold patterns go good for living or dining areas, simpler color hues and smooth patterns suit for bathrooms and bedrooms.

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