Bold and Stylish Home Bar Ideas this season

Bold and Stylish Home Bar Ideas this season

Having a home bar is a trend that is only growing with time. Creating it is a fun experience and reflects a lot of your personality too. The need to have one can certainly be to showcase your wide collection of finely picked spirits – be it a party or you curling in front of your couch for a night of binge-watch and chill. 

However, this place is going to be your sacred space to unwind and naturally, you want it to reflect your taste. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a home bar or revamping an existing one.

The initial step is to decide the location for this bar and later the design and theme. It can be in unison with your home decor or be unique and eye-catching. Usually, cosy corners are preferred for an ideal home bar however you can turn any corner or even the kitchen counter into your own tabletop bar.  A few tips, tricks and ideas will surely be handy to elevate your bar designs.

The background:

Whether a big tall cabinet or a customized rack setting, the background of this place will decide the overall look of your bar. A dark theme is often preferred for a home bar with some additional lighting to focus on your fine collection. However, if you choose to freestyle your collection on racks, a dramatic wallpaper will surely do justice to the ambience. The Shimmering Scriptures of the Jaguar is a perfect fit for your bar walls. The untamed charm of the patterns and jaguar motifs add charisma to the ambience and will elevate the look of your bar.

The furniture:

Seating furniture might play a subordinate role in your home bar but it surely brings uniformity to the lounge area. They should also add to the comfort of this zone. The stools by India Circus are a perfect match for this position. In fact, your bar counter is incomplete without our stools. We highly recommend the popular homegrown label India Circus’ new range of stools which will stun you with its trademark designs. Bring home this Legend of Cranes Stool. The stools are made of iron and ply and the upholstery depicts cranes flying against a beautiful scarlet background.

You can also add a couple of ottomans like the Red Paradise Ottomans which will increase both the functionality and look of your bar space. 


Let’s admit it, the good-looking bar counter will only require the best glassware to enhance the feel of this social place. Wine, champagne and shot glasses are the most prominent glassware to jazz up the corners of the table and racks. Opt for Blue Wine Glasses or the Pink Champagne Glasses that allow the aromas and flavours of the spirits to emerge more fully, elevating your drinking experience. The shades elevate the experience even further, adding a vintage look to the space. Similarly, the Floral Hypnosis Shot Glasses, with their elegant hues and intricate designs will add a slight quirk to the bar counter. 

Glassware by India Circus


The table top can always be decked up with certain elements that will make the area look eccentric. While entertaining guests at the bar you can make use of eclectic table mats to add a pop of colour and vibrancy to the setting. Opt for the Inflorescence Paragon Table Mats from the wide range of table decor options from India Circus. The bright red and white floral print on a grey backdrop makes these table mats eye-catching. It’s not just the authentic design that makes these table mats unique, it is also their premium feel which sets them apart from others. 

The Floral Kingdom Hexagon Tray can be the perfect tray to keep your dainty bar tools or even to serve your liquor. With the Floral Kingdom Paradise Tray, you may display art and convey eloquence. The creative representation of the entire animal kingdom in a wonderful tropical setting adds elegance and sophistication to the design of this ornamental glass serving tray. Finger food for your guests can be served on the Forest Fetish Steel Platter which can also double up as a delicate piece of art on the table given its sleek shape and tropical design and forest motifs. These make it a decent addition to your serve ware collection and up your party quotient in no time.

Now that you know how to get your home bar started, visit the India Circus store to get your hands on some beautiful products to up your home decor game or visit our store online at

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