Raksha Bandhan Special - Home Decor

Raksha Bandhan Special - Home Decor

The loving occasion of Raksha Bandhan is the best time for Brothers and Sisters, to reminisce fondly the wonderful moments they have spent together, sharing each other’s joys and sorrow. Yes, we love our brothers and sisters all the time, but this special day you divulge all your love in the open. Thus,Raksha Bandhan is one of the chief festivals in India, where family, especially brother and sisters, unite to celebrate the festivity.

So! How are you planning to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan? Family Get together, Dinner Party, Gifting, or Night Out – let it be any of these, to get the authentic feel on this day, it is important to have a traditional essence.

Here are ways you can create the festive aura this Raksha Bandhan –

Firstly, this aura skies early in the morning. As it’s going to be a long day, with a lot of activities, you have to start fresh – so you feel energetic throughout the day. Being the ‘family’ day, the best start would be having piping hot coffee and some steaming breakfast with your family, and cherishing some memories.

What accentuates the festivity the most, is the creative essence around! This vibe is best visible in the way you do up your home. As it’s a festival, your relatives are bound to drop in and setting up your home with colorful home décor will captivate the visitors. You can deck up your house, especially the living room and dining table for great presentation.
Use some fresh flowers all around the house for great smell and pretty looks. Also, lighting some candles with alluring candle votive will create the warmth and add glamming beauty to your house. Next, dress your cushions with picturesque cushion covers, especially which are aesthetically appealing, bright and good quality. Notably, cushion covers with interesting Indian motifs, print placements and bright designs will add the needed glam to your living room.

A sneak peak of our festive Home Decor collection

The crucial part of any India Festival is Food. An array of delicious Sweets, Farsans, Snacks, and Main Course etc. will win hearts of your relatives. But, what will make this better? A pretty dining? Yes, the food will taste tastier in classic crockery. You can also serve-in-style and decorate your dining table with elegant trays, decorative platters, fresh flowers and colorful table mats and napkins.

And finally the most important incentive, the gifts, yes! Mean but true, this is the best part of this occasion. Choosing the right gift is thus tricky. These days’ websites are loaded with Rakhi Hampers and e-vouchers, and shopping online for them is the best way to gift. If you know the your brothers and sisters’ taste, the work gets simpler, all you need to do is go to the right site, add the hampers/products to the cart and SHOP! So, add the cherry on the top with the best presents, for your loved ones and be special!

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