Bring The Heritage of India To Your Home Office Decor

Bring The Heritage of India To Your Home Office Decor

Working from home is the new normal. It’s tiring, it’s chaotic and there is no end to it. You are likely to spend hours in that workspace trying to get your work motor on full speed. But if you don’t have your corner full of hues that take off the stress and elements that offer the necessary respite, you know what you need to do next.

Subconsciously, the interiors of a room influence people’s mood and energy. And we definitely want you to be uplifted, cheerful, and looking forward to the next day. When choosing to do up your space, always go by what makes you happy – colours, designs, and motifs and ensure they are pleasing to the eyes. But, if you are not heading somewhere with the design aesthetics because sometimes too many options tend to spoil, or perhaps you are not too inclined, then go Indian. It’s rich, classy, and timeless.


Time holds testimony to our rich art and culture legacy from every nook and corner of the country. The beauty of Indian designs is that it ranges from minimalistic to ostentatious. Whatever the mood, whatever the occasion, you will always find something befitting. Indian heritage designs are one of the most sought-after, worldwide. As for the home turf, India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta has been continuously reviving these designs and bringing them to your homes. The eye-catching designs are sure to add a distinct touch to home office décor.

India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta celebrates this glorious heritage and ethnicity through its collections of home décor, kitchenware, and accessories. Inspired by the Mughal royalty, the intricate designs and detailing will transport you to the by-lanes of Delhi, Agra, and Lucknow which is home to some of the best Mughal architecture. Now imagine a piece of that era adorning your walls or sitting pretty on your work desk.


The designs predominantly include flowers, tuskers, creepers, peacocks, and other birds that render a soothing artistic feel to the entire setup. Bring in the all-Indian color palette combinations of bright yellow, green, and gold to your abode to embellish your space. The dreamy wallpaper serves as the perfect backdrop for all video calls, making the onlookers envious and you, no less than royalty. But if the wallpaper is too much to handle, you can opt for a window curtain and change the entire outlook of a room. The drapes offer a much-needed calmness and the motifs give a sneak-peak into nature. If you are in the mood to change a little more, especially the upholstery, check out India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta fabrics. Mainly inspired by Mughal designs, the fabrics act as a subtle accompaniment to the wallpapers and the curtains.


Since you work long and tiring hours, get yourself a desk that works (almost) as hard as you. In this WFH scenario, your desk is your companion and your chair cushion your comforter who will have your back, quite literally. And if your work desk needs a side-kick, you could add an extra wooden side table. This table just like its geometric motif of the Gallant Gypsy finding its way out of the maze will help you find your way to structure your desk impeccably. The Peacock Dwar or Heart Tusker magazine organizer is a bright addition to break the monotony.


No corner of the house is complete without beautiful lamps. The perfect light setup energizes and revitalizes one on the dullest of workdays. India Circus bird-themed cylindrical lamp makes for a statement piece with its sharp design essence. You can also opt for a Signature Windows Hexagonal lamp in Sheesham wood that adds elegance to your office table.

When doing up your workstation, place special emphasis on the stationery. They play a pivotal role in a day’s productivity. Notebooks, pens, planners, pen stands, sticky notes, and every small pin that makes up for the stationery universe should be picked up with a lot of love. India Circus vibrant notepad set with a spiral-bound notebook, calendar, and a pen featuring mastodon’s jamboree is just the first thing you need to make eye contact with before you pen down your tasks for the day.

BRING THE HERITAGE OF INDIA TO YOUR HOME OFFICE DECORThere are plenty of options to choose from with India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta for your work corner. The idea is to make it a space that personifies you, gives you the much-needed tranquillity throughout the day, and fills you with a lot of positive vibes as soon as you enter it.

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