Celebrating colours with India Circus

Holi, the Festival of Colours, is almost here, and what better way to welcome it in your home (without messing your walls, of course!) than by simply going the India Circus way!

India Circus always aims at bringing in colour and class to your homes and lives. And a number of our products have a blend of a variety of colours.

Brighten the dullest of mornings by simply pouring in some coffee in a colourful coffee mug! The colours of this mug are sure to make you smile and open-up your day. Now, that’s the perfect way to start a morning!

Wondering how you could marry the Festival of Colours, with the Festival of Lights? Simply look at this vibrant lamp for all your answers! Let the colours of the lamp do all the talking, and the light beneath add to the charm of it all!

In this day and age of desktops, laptops, and tabs, writing in a book is almost passé. Bring in the mood with a really vivid and exciting notebook, which will inspire you to take notes, perhaps write a poem, and actually revive your old, school days!

Red, better known as Gulaal, is the traditional Holi colour. And this Krsna Art wall art will bring alive just that spirit and mood. Pretty in pink, isn’t it!

India Circus wishes you a safe and Happy Holi! May the ultimate Festival of Colours bring in a zing into your lives! Holi Hai!!!

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