India is a country which is has culture which is extremely diverse, vibrant and magnificent. There are so many elements which make India a visually stunning place. A place which is bright, colourful and where imagination is brought to life. Through this magic and beauty, IndiaCircus takes inspiration and designs products and collections that pay tribute to such a vivacious and dynamic culture.

The Grand Heritage collection draws its inspiration from the rich and vast heritage of architecture that India has. For centuries, India has hosted some of the most beautiful and magnificent monuments in the world. The Mughal era in particular has been of great importance to IndiaCircus, with inspiration coming from the elegant intricacies of minarets to the wisdom of Mughal courtiers. Grand, inspiring and magnificent, this collection is for those who appreciate the richness of tradition.

India is also a country which is extremely rich in terms of its flora and fauna. A country which hosts one of the most beautiful wild animals in the world, the royal Bengal tiger as well as many more, the diversity of nature makes India an incredible place. The collection Nature Paradise takes inspiration from the exquisiteness of all the flora and fauna that makes India a truly beautiful place.
One of the most charming things about India is the culture that is found on the streets. From chai sellers to rickshaws, the streets are diverse, chaotic and absolutely magical. Taking inspiration from this vibrancy, IndiaCircus has the India Pop collection. With quirky motifs and patterns, this collection is fun, eclectic and one of a kind.

A beautiful fact about India, is that there is never a dull moment. There are always surprises around every corner and each little thing becomes a source of inspiration. It is these things that make India a special country. A country which is unlike anywhere else in the world.

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