February 14th — Valentine’s Day, the day synonymous with love, chocolates, red roses and all things mushy, is just around the corner. And, while you will see every place, from cake shops to gift stores, dedicate the day simply to couples who are in love, we, at India Circus, would like to dedicate it to every person you love…someone who makes your life truly beautiful.

This Valentine’s Day, gift your parents something memorable. How about gifting your mother an exquisite bag or clutch, and your father a cool fashion ties-pocket squares-cufflinks gift set? Or, you can even gift them a pretty photo frame. Re-live your most unforgettable memories, with it!



Celebrate Friendship’s Day a few months in advance, and gift your best buddy some cool gifts on February 14th itself! From sassy phone covers to stunning wrist watches, we give you a world of options to choose from.




In today’s fast-paced life, it is easy to forget the people who have taught us some of our very first lessons in life— our teachers. And, if you have a teacher who has motivated and inspired you all the way through, put a smile on her/his face with a little token of gratitude. What better than a colourful notebook, or perhaps a stole. Of course, if you are gifting her/him a notebook, don’t forget to write a little note that expresses your gratitude for all that they have done for you.


If you have a boss or colleague who motivates you constantly to keep working hard and achieving your goals, say ‘Thank You’ through a sweet little gift. Say ‘Cheers’ with a lovely mug, or spread the fragrance of appreciation through our candles and incense sticks.


This Valentine’s Day, let the expression of love go beyond romance. Celebrate the day not only with your partner or spouse, but with every person who makes life special for you!

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