Chic and pocket-friendly gifts for this Friendship Day

Chic and pocket-friendly gifts for this Friendship Day

Great singer Pheobe Buffay rightly said, “Boyfriends and Girlfriends will come and go but these friends are for life.” While ‘Friends’ the sitcom may have set some audacious friendship goals, we all have experiences with our pals who have always been there like family. Friends are the extended version of our kin we choose for ourselves and it’s always good to show some love and appreciation to them from time to time. 

As children, it was all about friendship bands and chocolates but that has transformed into fun dinner and vacation plans. As adults with a busy schedule, it is hard for the gang to catch up but a small gift on Friendship Day could mean so much more.

However, gifts should always be memorable and hit the right strings without pinching your pockets. Pick from an array of beautiful and affordable products from India Circus for all kinds of friends you may have and let them know how much they mean to you.

For the decor enthusiasts:

We all know a friend who visits the decor store more than any other. Season to season their house is at par with all the decor trends and designs. India Circus is a perfect place to pamper this friend of yours with cushions, storage organizers and lots more. The Poppy Bird Land Blended Velvet Cushion Cover Set of 5 is a classic and pocket-friendly gift for your friends. The motifs and the colours on the cushion will accentuate their room and blend into any decor trend. 

For the fashionistas: 

This friend is the ultimate fashion guru when it comes to keeping up with what is in vogue. They are always about the #ootd and will settle for nothing less than something sleek enough to meet their style standards. Gift them the Jewelled Beauty Unisex T-shirts and the Ripple in a Zipper Belt Bag from India Circus to create a fun look with both these elements. The motifs and colours on both the products are chic and trendy, making them the perfect gift for your friend and flaunting Indian motifs to the hilt. 

For the workaholic: 

From attending meetings during road trips to spending most of the time at their desk, there is always this one friend in the squad who worships their work and would never leave their laptop alone. The Geometrical Empress Laptop sleeve is the perfect gift for them along with the sturdy and mobile Poppy Flower Scarlet Laptop Table. These gifts will allow them to work at their convenience from anywhere in the world. The best part is, you will always be remembered every time they work. 

For the fitness lovers: 

These friends are here to motivate you, to eat well and exercise. Their idea of the ideal friend’s date is going on a hike or catching up at the latest organic cafes in town. They would never leave their homes without a water bottle; hence, the Grey Floral Galore Water Bottle is the perfect gift for them. With a vibrant design, this copper bottle from the India Circus label will turn a mundane hydrating exercise into an experience. The Beige Mystic Rose Kettles Steel Bowl with Lid is another wonderful gift for them to store their dry fruits and health supplements and to carry them on the go. 

These are a few of the many kinds of friends we may have. All of them are unique in their own ways and deserve an outstanding gift for existing in your lives. Explore a wide variety of home decor and personal accessories for you and your loved ones from the India Circus store near you or the website at

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